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Professor Taransay
Beginners: Cruppies!
Thu Jul 6, 2017 11:41

Rory was in a particularly good mood today. He’d just reviewed the final edited version of the book he was writing with his friend Brett, and had sent it back to the publishers. Barring any unexpected problems, the book should be finished, and would be out for sale in the next few weeks. Assuming it met with success, Rory was hoping to write a few more books. He found that it went well with teaching, as he was able to do the research during the holidays and then balance writing with his teaching duties. He tried not to dwell on the fact that his original reason for writing was no longer applicable, and focused on the enjoyment he got from finding out more about his favourite creatures.

Originally, Rory had taken on the writing as a way to supplement his teaching income. Despite his fairly well-off background, he didn’t want to rely on family money, but still wanted to have enough to comfortably support a family. However, due to Amelle leaving Sonora, his plans to propose to her and start a family had fallen through. It had been a hard blow to the young man, and he had thrown himself into his work even more than usual in an attempt to get over the end of his relationship and the loss of the woman he loved.

“Hello, everyone,” he greeted his beginners as the students streamed into the classroom. After they had settled down, he took the register and began the lesson. Today’s lesson was more of a fun one, as they’d spent the last few weeks without any practical classes. Rory had got in touch with a local crup breeder, who had been happy to bring his some of his newest litters to visit.

“So, recently we’ve been looking at domesticated magical creatures,” Rory reminded his class. “Can anyone provide me with any information on crups, in particular?” Rory picked on various hands until he had a few facts on the animal in question. He liked to start the lesson by checking what his class could remember, seeing it as an opportunity to check that the class was doing their research and actually listening during lessons.

“So, today we have a litter of crup puppies for you to meet,” he announced, expecting excitement to follow. Even Rory, experienced as he was in the world of magical creatures, hadn’t been able to stop himself cooing over the cute little crup puppies (cruppies, as he’d renamed them).

“There aren’t enough for you to have a puppy each, so work in pairs or threes. You’ve got all the lesson to interact with them, and whilst doing so, I’d like you to complete this observation sheet.”

The observation sheet was split into various parts: physical appearance, behaviour, age, species characteristics, and so on. Rory liked to get his students used to observing the creatures, thinking about more than just how cute they were.

The puppies were about four months old, so able to be away from their mothers. Rory trusted his students to behave well around the animals, but still kept a close eye on them, just in case. You could never be too careful when there were creatures involved.

OOC: As usual, Rory will be there immediately if there are any problems or mistreatment of the animals. Feel free to call him over if wanted. You can decide the behaviour of your student’s puppy, but please don’t make them too wild or savage – assume they behave as standard muggle puppies of that age. House points will be given for students volunteering information on crups, and more information can be found here:

    • The short version is that I like crups.Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Thu Jul 13 14:23
      Winston did not see himself engaging with animals on a professional level. He expected he would go into finance, like his dad, and spend most of his day talking about investments and arguing with... more
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