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Sigh. These professors and their mysteriousness.
Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:48

It always struck Nevaeh when it became apparent: Raine’s level of confidence (or, rather, lack thereof). She didn’t get it. Raine was great. Definitely Nevaeh’s best friend in her year, although she loved the others dearly as well. The way that the Teppenpaw backpedaled from compliments was just tragic, really, which was why Nevaeh tried to keep giving them to her, hoping that sometime she would just believe them, wholly and fully. Nevaeh didn’t consider herself particularly overconfident, but she had definitely been raised to know self-worth.

“Works for me,” she reported, cracking open her textbook and flipping through pages while she felt the corners in search of the page number she thought she remembered covering the subject. Soon enough she found it, and her memory was proved correct, so she began scanning over the page, absorbing the information fairly quickly. The fourth year had a lot of practice reading in this manner, and in fact could almost be considered a speed reader, depending on one’s interpretation of what exactly qualified.

“Okay,” she announced. “From what I can tell, we should definitely label some of the feathers, since apparently they can repel ink. And they have really long tails I guess, so maybe we should label that just because it’s cool. Also probably the beak. It says they’re particularly sharp. Plus we should probably mention that they sing when it’s going to rain. I guess that should go with the beak, too.”

Nevaeh glanced in the direction of her friend, although to no practical avail. She couldn’t really see her, but the Aladren knew that looking at the person one was speaking to was usually considered more polite. “How does that sound so far?” she asked.

  • With a Mysterious PurposeRaine, Thu Jun 22 03:56
    “I’m definitely not awesome at it yet,” Raine informed the other girl, blushing rather furiously at Nevaeh’s compliment. She hoped she could produce a halfway decent card by the next occasion she had ... more
    • Sigh. These professors and their mysteriousness. — Nevaeh, Mon Jul 10 10:48
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