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Winston Pierce, Crotalus
The short version is that I like crups.
Thu Jul 13, 2017 14:23

Winston did not see himself engaging with animals on a professional level. He expected he would go into finance, like his dad, and spend most of his day talking about investments and arguing with goblins. It would doubtless be a fairly dull career, but it was respectable and paid well, and it was what most male Pierces did when they grew up. Winston did not dare buck the tradition, not when his father's best claim to the Pierce estate was that he and his family were better at following Proper Traditions than Thaddeus and the Other Alicia were, and even Thaddeus went to work at the Pierce financial firm.

Uncle Duesius had not. Uncle Duesius was not Grandfather's primary heir, either, despite being the firstborn son. Winston was pretty sure that was because Duesius was a bit slow in the head rather than because he worked with animals instead of money, but he wasn't entirely sure of that, so thought it prudent to follow his father's example rather than his uncle's in terms of employment.

When Winston was being totally honest with himself, though, he kind of thought Duesius had the better job and was secretly envious of the dimwitted recluse. Duesius was usually happy. Father was often stressed. Duesius had fascinating stories (if frustrating to listen to given how slow Duesius talked). Father just brushed off questions about his workday. Duesius sometimes let Winston help out over the summers, feeding the less dangerous creatures he currently had boarding at his respite home and it was pretty cool. Father let him come in to work once a year, too, and it was all filling out forms and negotiating and it was unequivocally the most tedious day of his summer, especially when Father had him sit out in the hall doing nothing while he conducted 'important confidential meetings that children cannot attend.'

Hrmph. Winston was not a child. He was twelve. That was basically grown up.

But until he graduated, anyway, Father and Grandfather saw it otherwise, which, in this one respect was probably for the best. Because until that time, Winston could spend time at Duesius' respite home, and take Care of Magical Creatures at school for no other reason than because he liked it, and not have The Most Boring Job On EarthTM.

Crups were probably the single most common animal Duesius took in. Kneazles were a close second, but he thought Crups had the edge. Kneazles were more independent, wizards could leave them home unattended for a few days without worrying about them overmuch. Crups, less so. Wizards with Crups usually wanted someone to watch their pet if they'd be away for more than a day, and the Mount Pierce Temporary Respite Home for Magical Creatures gave them the supervision and care they needed and lots of open space for running around.

So when Professor Tarnasay asked for information about crups, Winston's hand was one of the first in the air. As Duesius only took in domesticated magical creatures, Winston was doing very well this unit, and hoped it would secure him a solid O for the whole year. He normally performed at a high E/low O level in this class so he didn't think it would be a stretch.

"Crups are born with a forked tail," he disclosed to the class when he was called upon, feeling quite pleased with himself.

Once the short lecture was over, he went up to the front and collected one of the crup puppies. He gave it a little snuggle, partly so it would think well of him, but mostly because he couldn't entirely resist doing so. It was a puppy. It was basically instinctual behaviour. He checked the tag around the pup's collar and saw it was named Rusty. Not exactly original, but it suited the little dog.

Walking back to his seat, he caught the eye of one his classmates who didn't have one yet and asked, "Want to partner with me and Rusty here?" He pointed the puppy's face toward his future partner, feeling fairly certain nobody could say no to Rusty.

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    • The short version is that I like crups. — Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Thu Jul 13 14:23
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