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Professor Taransay
Advanced lesson: A little fiery fun
Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:59

For his latest advanced lesson, Rory had been in contact with Professor Xavier, who had needed to burn some dead foliage. Rory had seen the large pile awaiting incineration, and had quickly realised that this would be the ideal chance both to put into practise some of the things the class had recently been studying, and to help out the potions department.

As soon as his students arrived at the Care of Magical Creatures classroom, Rory led them outside to the Labyrinth Gardens, where the remains of a very large bonfire were still smouldering. “Right, considering what we know about fires that are left to burn for too long, can anyone tell me which creature we’re hoping to find today?” Rory asked his class, picking on the first raised hand he saw and awarding house points for the correct answer.

“That’s right, an ashwinder.” This creature was only rated as XXX, but Rory preferred to wait until the advanced classes to introduce his students to it in the flesh. He wasn’t convinced that having his younger students around fire and heat would end well.

“Today, I want you to poke around the remains of the bonfire to find the ashwinder. Carefully, though – the aim of a magizoologist is only to observe, never to scare. You will then make notes on what you observe and, once it has laid its eggs, we’ll collect them. Do NOT forget your gloves, unless you want to feel the wroth of Medic Eir.”

Gesturing to a few pots he had brought with him, he continued. “These pots are for you to put the eggs in. Sadly, Headmaster Brockert wouldn’t be too keen on the idea of us breeding ashwinders, so these eggs will be delivered to the potions classroom.”

This was indeed a shame, as Rory hated the idea of eggs not fulfilling their potential to become wonderfully interesting creatures. However, he recognised the impracticality of letting everything hatch, and it was better that the eggs were used rather than just destroyed. At least then the life of the Ashwinder would
not entirely be in vain.

“Your homework will be to write an essay on the life and uses of ashwinders. You may work in pairs or threes during the lesson, but the essay is to be your own work. Off you go!”

With that, Rory let his students get to work, keeping an eye on them to ensure correct behaviour around creatures, and that they were wearing gloves. He didn’t want any injuries in his lesson! He was also on the lookout for any indication that the eggs were about to burst into flames!

OOC: Usual rules apply. Details on the ashwinder can be found here:

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