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Professor Taransay
Who would win in a fight? [Advanced]
Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:28

Rory was always excited for his advanced classes. It was always fun to be able to take what they had studied a little further, and to get on to the dangerous creatures. He generally started the beginners off with the most harmless creatures, moving his intermediates on the more harmful beasts, and saving the most dangerous for his advanced students. Unfortunately, most of the dangerous creatures were a little too dangerous to bring into a school, so that, combined with the need for RATS preparation, meant a little less practical work for the older students.

“Welcome, everyone,” he greeted his students as they walked in, going straight into taking the register once they were all seated. “Today we’re going to be starting a module on five-X rated creatures. Can anyone name any?” He picked on the hands that were raised, and gave out house points for correct answers.

“For today’s lesson, I want each of you to take a card from my desk.” He gestured to the pile of cards in front of him that he had prepared earlier. “Each card contains basic information on a five-X rated creature. I want you to get into twos, and compare your card with your pair. Your task is to work out where your creature has advantages over your partner’s creature, whether that be in terms of habitat, breeding or, ultimately, which one would win in a fight. Once you’ve done that, find someone else with a different card, and start again. You’re to keep notes as you go along.”

Rory’s lesson was inspired by muggle top trumps, a wonderful invention that he’d been introduced to by a muggleborn friend at Hogwarts. He’d enjoyed many an evening in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room. He thought that his revised version would work well as an introductory lesson, providing his students with some information on the creatures they would be studying that term.

“Off you go, and I’m here to settle any arguments if you can’t agree on something.”

OOC: I’m appropriating the UK Ministry of Magic’s creature classification, for ease of communication (XXXXX rated creatures are: Acromantula, Basilisk, Chimaera, Dragon, Horned Serpent, Lethifold, Manticore, Nundu, Quintaped, Wampus cat, and Werewolf). The cards are similar to top trumps, but with facts instead of numbers. See the Harry Potter wiki for ideas of what could be on the cards ( Tag Rory if you need him to referee, and have fun!

    • Basilik of course.Fabian Brockert,Pecari, Sun Sep 10 17:52
      It had been hard for Fabian to pick what he wanted to do and which classes to take. As a result, he'd ended up taking one more than he really wanted to as he'd ended up not wanting to really choose.... more
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