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Fabian Brockert,Pecari
Basilik of course.
Sun Sep 10, 2017 17:52

It had been hard for Fabian to pick what he wanted to do and which classes to take. As a result, he'd ended up taking one more than he really wanted to as he'd ended up not wanting to really choose. He'd tentatively decided to become a magizoologist since he generally liked being outside and knowing about plants and animals as well as how to take the latter down if need be meant that DADA, COMC and Herbology were things Fabian probably needed. At the same time, Transfiguration was a relatively easy class for him so he had decided not to drop that either.

This decision had allowed the Pecari to have a totally amazing summer. His parents had decided to send him to Frank Brockert's ranch over the summer. It had been so awesome. First of all, there had been the animals which he'd gotten hands on experience with. Fabian had decided that riding a flying horse beat riding a broom any day. Then there was the one crop grown there, which he'd also gotten hands on experience with. Which had been even better than riding flying horses.

Plus, Frank was super funny and had a great sense of humor. He seemed amused by everything and the two of them would have the most amazing talks. Like they'd had this one about the chicken and the egg. About what really came first. Not to mention Frank and Penelope's house-elves made the best brownies of all time. Fabian often found himself craving one.

Unfortunately, now he was back in school and there was none to be had. He sighed as Professor Taransay began to speak.

However, once he was done, the sixth year was feeling a bit more enthusiastic. This...sounded fascinating. Fabian took a card and looked at it. Basilik huh? Well right off the bat, they could beat an Acromantula since Acromantulas were afraid of them. He turned to the person next to him. "What did you get?

  • Who would win in a fight? [Advanced]Professor Taransay, Sun Sep 10 12:28
    Rory was always excited for his advanced classes. It was always fun to be able to take what they had studied a little further, and to get on to the dangerous creatures. He generally started the... more
    • Basilik of course. — Fabian Brockert,Pecari, Sun Sep 10 17:52
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