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Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw
I.... I know what I'm doing
Wed Nov 29, 2017 03:19

No need for your books today, was a sentence that always made Raine smile. She was always excited to come to Care of Magical Creatures. It was very easily her best subject. First and foremost, she loved animals, and was very good at taking care of them. Their circus was only human performers, but her family loved animals and travelled with plenty of them, from the abraxans that pulled their carts to her mother’s kneazles - one grumpy old lady, who spent her days curled up on top of the stove, and one younger one, who often had a litter of kittens with her which they gradually sold as they passed through different towns. They also often met other performers on the road who kept animals, either for company or as parts of their acts. She had always been taught to treat animals with respect, to understand their needs, and to get to know their individual personalities. The second reason that she was so good at the subject, was that the written work for Care of Magical Creatures was much easier than most other subjects, as it just involved writing down what they did, or occasionally memorising things about animals that were too dangerous to have in class, or procedures that it was too complicated to allow school children to handle. There were sometimes technical words, and sometimes technical information too, but a lot of the time you could just describe what you did, or what you saw, and most of it was information that seemed worthwhile to Raine, which made it seep into her brain much easier.

Raine kept her hand down for the question. She believed that Fwooper songs drove people insane, but when they’d studied augureys, she had had her suggestion that they foretold death debunked as a ‘folk legend,’ and this seemed to be the comment she got regarding a lot of her family’s beliefs, thus she had learnt to keep them to herself. However, on this occasion, it seemed she would have been right. Or rather, her belief fell in line with the correct school approved list of what was a ‘fact.’

She was excited, rather than disgusted, by the day’s subject matter. Having grown up on the road, Raine was used to dealing with the less than clean and perfect side of life, and was not easily grossed out. And she had actually done today’s lesson before! Well, she’d done it on a kneazle kitten, but she hoped it might be similar. It was very rare that Raine got to feel like she was on a level playing field with everyone else, especially the older they got. There had been a few practical lessons for simple spells where she’d already known the spell, as when she’d been younger, her parents hadn’t seen the harm in letting her use their wands and learn simple spells, especially when they were far from any civilisation, wizard or magical, and when those spells were practical things to help out the family. But as they got older, the spellwork had become harder, beyond what she’d done at home, and they’d had more theory expected of them, and she felt most of the time that she was slipping further and further behind. But this, this she actually knew how to do!

Once they were set to work, Raine picked a yellow fwooper which seemed to be feeling rather sorry for itself.

“Hi there,” she greeted it. “I’m sorry. I’m sure your song is really beautiful to your friends but it’s not very good for me,” she explained, before casting the silencing charm on the bird.

“My name is Raine, and I’m going to take your ticks off,” she explained, giving the bird a gentle pat on the head. Although normally not one for idle chatter, Raine was considerably more loquacious when she was with animals, “cos those things are nasty, and they must be bothering you, huh?” she added.

She took the wiggenweld oil, dabbing it on in what she hoped was the same way Professor Taransay had done. She waited for a few moments, knowing that the oil was going to knock the tick out. As she waited, she noticed someone else nearby.

“Hi… Do you want to share this one?” she asked. There weren’t enough Fwoopers for one each, so they’d have to work together on them.

Figuring that the tick was knocked out, she carefully pinched it with the tweezers and pulled, remembering that she had to be careful not to twist, because that could leave the mouth behind. She thought about sharing this information with the person next to her, but decided that - as Professor Taransay hadn’t mentioned it - it was either something everyone knew, or maybe another of those things that other people didn’t believe.

“There,” she said instead to the Fwooper, “That wasn’t too bad, I hope.”

  • Getting stuck in [Intermediate lesson]Professor Rory Taransay, Fri Nov 24 11:12
    The aim of Care of Magical Creatures was, as the name suggested, to learn how to look after the many different magical animals. Not every part of this was fun and games, or involved cuddling cute... more
    • I wholeheartedly object to this!Arianna Tate, Crotalus, Fri Dec 15 06:03
      Arianna had never really been a fan of Care of Magical Creatures. She wasn't a big animal person-they might get her clothing dirty-nor was she really the caring nurturing type. Sure, there were... more
      • May I assist you, milady?Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Thu Dec 21 14:08
        Winston didn’t mind Care of Magical Creatures too much. Uncle Duesius ran a magical creature respite care center on the mountain, so he had an edge over the other students who may have never seen a... more
    • I.... I know what I'm doing — Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 29 03:19
      • I, on the other hand, definitely do not.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 29 15:24
        Care of Magical Creatures was not, if he was pushed past bland demurrals about how all knowledge was important and into real conversation, Joe’s favorite subject. He had been to his grandparents’... more
        • Are... Are you sure?Raine, Wed Dec 6 06:06
          Raine was glad it was Joe who had come to join her, as she counted him amongst her friends. Or at least… She felt comfortable with Joe. Sometimes even good. She wasn’t sure they were friends in the... more
          • Very much so.Joe , Tue Dec 12 22:42
            “I think you’re right,” said Joe slowly when Raine seemed to doubt her own thought about the mouths of ticks, thinking back through a lot of years. He’d never been as into survival skills and all... more
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