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Are... Are you sure?
Wed Dec 6, 2017 06:06

Raine was glad it was Joe who had come to join her, as she counted him amongst her friends. Or at least… She felt comfortable with Joe. Sometimes even good. She wasn’t sure they were friends in the same way that she was with the girls, but Joe was a… a trustworthy person. He was gentle and didn’t laugh or say mean things. She wasn’t quite sure how to take him saying an actively nice thing though, especially a slightly confusing one. You look like you know what you’re doing a lot better than I do She was pretty sure that Joe knew how to cast a silencing charm, and Raine wasn’t great at accepting compliments even when she thought them to be true, like Nevaeh saying she was sweet or talented for the embossed cards she’d made her. She found it hard to believe that her skills really were remarkable or useful, with the exception of her circus skills. They were the thing that she found special about herself, although she still tended to blush and stumble her thanks, or be overly modest when complimented on those. In reaction to Joe’s comment, she just gave a minute, almost imperceptible shrug, and her eye gaze suggested that it was more directed at the Fwooper’s wings, in which she suddenly seemed to be very interested, than at him.

She watched surreptitiously as Joe had a try, although the bird’s reaction told her enough. She shushed it gently, stroking it, as Joe did likewise and it seemed to settle down. She was a little confused by Joe’s inability to do it. She could do it. Surely then, it had to be easy. Another possible explanation might have been that Joe was doing it deliberately badly to make her feel better - after all, he knew how bad she had been feeling. However, Raine was guileless enough not to entertain this notion, and could also not conceive of someone drawing the negative attention of doing badly on purpose, much less doing so for her sake. Although the thought that he was faking his inexpertise didn’t cross her mind, she still found it hard to be the one charged with explaining to someone. It was so rare that someone needed that from her.

“I-I don’t know,” she replied almost automatically, when he asked her whether there was a trick or whether it was just practise. “Don’t twist them,” she added, figuring that, as Joe didn’t seem to know this, that was one of the most important bits. “You have to pull them straight or it can leave the mouth behind. Um, I think,” she added, suddenly uncertain. So many of the things her parents taught her were contradicted or devalued in school. She didn’t want Joe’s homework or exams to be marked down because of anything she said. “Um, the oil is meant to make them sleepy,” she added, not having recognised that this information had already been imparted by Professor Taransay under the guise of the word ‘anaesthetic’ which was unfamiliar to her. “So… you could try a little more oil or leaving it a little longer if it isn’t easy?” she suggested, although her tone sought confirmation from Joe that this seemed like a reasonable suggestion.

Unsure what else to say, she took up the oil again, ready to dab it onto the wing and begin the process again. It didn’t occur to her to offer for Joe to come and watch how she did it.

  • I, on the other hand, definitely do not.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 29 15:24
    Care of Magical Creatures was not, if he was pushed past bland demurrals about how all knowledge was important and into real conversation, Joe’s favorite subject. He had been to his grandparents’... more
    • Are... Are you sure? — Raine, Wed Dec 6 06:06
      • Very much so.Joe , Tue Dec 12 22:42
        “I think you’re right,” said Joe slowly when Raine seemed to doubt her own thought about the mouths of ticks, thinking back through a lot of years. He’d never been as into survival skills and all... more
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