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Professor Rory Taransay
Why C for MC? [Advanced]
Fri Dec 8, 2017 09:11

“Hello everyone,” Rory greeted his Advanced class. He knew it was bad to have favourites, but he did enjoy teaching the older students. They were at a level where they could cover more advanced topics, and also tended to be more enthusiastic and serious about the subject. However, they were also approaching their RATS, which meant a more serious and academic approach to lessons.

Piles of books were strewn around the classroom, and the blackboard bore the question ‘Why do we care for magical creatures?’

“Today we’re going to be doing a research project, working in pairs. You can pick any creature you have studied during your time at Sonora. I want you to research reasons as to why it is in our interest to conserve and nurture this particular species. You will find obvious reason that directly benefit the magical community, but I also encourage you to think outside the box.” Most of the information they could need would be in their textbooks and the other books that Rory had provided, but he was expecting his seventh years (and perhaps some of the sixth years) to be able to go beyond facts, extrapolating what they knew to come up with additional possibilities.

“Exams are coming up, so I expect you to be putting lots of effort into your work if you want to succeed. Your homework will be to compile your reasons into an essay stating whether or not the creature is worth the time and effort needed to protect it. You may do this independently or in your pairs, depending on what you think will be the most useful.”

Rory liked to give his students some leeway as to how they would prepare for the exam, knowing there was never a one-size-fits-all approach. Some students would find it best to test their essay-writing on their own, whilst others would benefit from discussing it with others, and creating a joint essay.

OOC: In years 1-5, students will have covered all magical creatures with ratings of X up to (and including) XXXX. Advanced students cover the remaining two categories, so while the sixth years will not have covered all of them, the seventh years definitely will have (see here for creatures within the categories: . Call over Professor Taransay if needed. Normal class rules apply!

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