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Arianna Tate, Crotalus
I wholeheartedly object to this!
Fri Dec 15, 2017 06:03

Arianna had never really been a fan of Care of Magical Creatures. She wasn't a big animal person-they might get her clothing dirty-nor was she really the caring nurturing type. Sure, there were animals she found beautiful such as unicorns and animals she admired such as dragons and rattlesnakes, but on a one on one basis, not really her thing.

Professor Taransay began the lesson. As animals went, Arianna supposed Fwoopers weren't that bad. They were at least pretty and she could definitely see the benefits of one as their cries drove people crazy. That was something that could definitely be utilized for one's benefit by making an enemy listen to them. Locking her brother in a room with one that hadn't been silenced had been a thought on more than one occasion. Especially if Arianna put the silencing charm on Beau instead!

He'd be coming to school next year and the Crotalus was not looking forward to it one little bit. Her brother was stupid and irritating. Many times, more times even than she'd wished to lock him in a room with a non-silenced Fwooper, she'd wished she could trade him forJasmine. Of course, that wouldn't be all that fair to Aunt Holly. She had enough to deal with regarding Anya's resistance to being a lady. Beau would only be a bad influence.

Hopefully he'd stay out of her way, like Connor. Her cousin was a dork of the highest order, but at least he didn't seem interested in annoying her.

However, when Arianna heard what they were going to being doing with the Fwoopers, which was most definitely not torturing annoying little brothers, she was utterly horrified. She didn't want to be anywhere near a tick! What if one got on her? They weren't just disgusting, they carried disease. How was this an acceptable lesson?

She turned to the person next to her. "This is utterly revolting. How can we be expected to not only touch those things but risk Lyme disease if one of them gets on us?"

  • Getting stuck in [Intermediate lesson]Professor Rory Taransay, Fri Nov 24 11:12
    The aim of Care of Magical Creatures was, as the name suggested, to learn how to look after the many different magical animals. Not every part of this was fun and games, or involved cuddling cute... more
    • I wholeheartedly object to this! — Arianna Tate, Crotalus, Fri Dec 15 06:03
      • May I assist you, milady?Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Thu Dec 21 14:08
        Winston didn’t mind Care of Magical Creatures too much. Uncle Duesius ran a magical creature respite care center on the mountain, so he had an edge over the other students who may have never seen a... more
    • I.... I know what I'm doingRaine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 29 03:19
      No need for your books today, was a sentence that always made Raine smile. She was always excited to come to Care of Magical Creatures. It was very easily her best subject. First and foremost, she... more
      • I, on the other hand, definitely do not.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 29 15:24
        Care of Magical Creatures was not, if he was pushed past bland demurrals about how all knowledge was important and into real conversation, Joe’s favorite subject. He had been to his grandparents’... more
        • Are... Are you sure?Raine, Wed Dec 6 06:06
          Raine was glad it was Joe who had come to join her, as she counted him amongst her friends. Or at least… She felt comfortable with Joe. Sometimes even good. She wasn’t sure they were friends in the... more
          • Very much so.Joe , Tue Dec 12 22:42
            “I think you’re right,” said Joe slowly when Raine seemed to doubt her own thought about the mouths of ticks, thinking back through a lot of years. He’d never been as into survival skills and all... more
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