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Winston Pierce, Crotalus
May I assist you, milady?
Thu Dec 21, 2017 14:08

Winston didn’t mind Care of Magical Creatures too much. Uncle Duesius ran a magical creature respite care center on the mountain, so he had an edge over the other students who may have never seen a crup or a hippogryff up close and in person before. And if he had any questions, he could just owl his uncle, and he’d basically get his unit essay back a few days later. Duesius didn’t like to talk or write much, since he was quite slow at it, but if you asked about animals, he’d put in the effort to tell you about them at length. They were the one topic Duesius was really passionate about.

Winston was considering continuing with the class, once it came time for him to make that decision (as he was merely a third year, he had a long time before then, but now that he was in intermediates, it did seem much closer than it had only the year before), if only to continue having something worthwhile to correspond with his uncle about.

Today’s lesson involved fwoopers, which he had seen before, through they had already been silenced by the time he’d been introduced to them. A fact which he quickly came to appreciate as he approached one of them to detick it.

“It is unpleasant,” he agreed with Arianna, as she observed the worst drawbacks to the assignment and, in a general sense, the subject as a whole. “Do you wand to silence it before we all go mad,” in this one case, that particular request was literal rather than hyperbole, “and I’ll handle the ticks?” he asked gallantly. He didn’t really want to tweezer out any disease ridden bugs, either, but it was better than forcing Arianna to do so. She was a Respectable Lady.

“Hopefully Professor Taransay has some kind of detection spell to make sure none of them got on us before we leave.” He wasn’t entirely sure such a spell existed, but it would be useful if it did, so somebody in magizoology had probably invented it by now. If not, Winston had an idea to send home to Father to see if he could maybe invest in the development of one.

  • I wholeheartedly object to this!Arianna Tate, Crotalus, Fri Dec 15 06:03
    Arianna had never really been a fan of Care of Magical Creatures. She wasn't a big animal person-they might get her clothing dirty-nor was she really the caring nurturing type. Sure, there were... more
    • May I assist you, milady? — Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Thu Dec 21 14:08
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