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Owen Brockert,Teppenpaw
Out of my comfort zone
Tue Jan 2, 2018 14:39

Although Owen was going to be a writer-well, he was technically already a writer, but a published professional one-and therefore, would not really have to use his school subjects in his future career, he still had a tendency to draw inspiration from them. Often he'd place Cookies and Cream in a plot that used something he'd learned in one of his classes, such as a spell or a concept.

And Care of Magical Creatures was particularly good for coming up with new characters, whether they'd be antagonists- in league with Lord Cockroach or not, as there were creatures on their own that were dangerous by nature and couldn't really help it, that was, after all, pretty much part of what was learned in this class-or new friends. Or antagonists turned friends.

Owen turned his attention to the class at hand, considering Professor Taransay's question. Why did they take care of creatures? Well, because some creatures couldn't take care of themselves. They were helpless, domesticated ones who needed people to feed and groom and clean up after them. Needed people to love them.

He'd always wanted a pet of his own. However, due to asthma, his mother had never allowed it, even though it wasn't even triggered by pet dander. Owen primarily had issues with physical activity beyond walks with a break here and there and what was expected in first year flying lessons. He also was sensitive to cockroach dander-hence why his main villain was a cockroach-humidity and super cold weather.

Professor Taransay gave out the assignement. Owen, while not superinto research like Aladrens were, wasn't too bothered. He could, after all, incorporate whatever creature he picked into his stories.

That was how it was now, though the Teppenpaw wanted to relatively well in his classes and on his RATS, he was mostly focused on the future. And Owen's future was writing (and Jemima).

He was about to ask her to work with him on this assignment when he noticed that someone else had already beaten him to it!

Over the past seven years, Owen had grown to expect to work with Jemima. She was more than just his girlfriend, she was his partner in everything. Part of their futures together didn't just involve domestic life with marriage and children, it was their professional life too. Jemima was going to illustrate his stories like she did now only....professionally. And he usually worked with her in class too.

He looked around for another partner, feeling slightly lost.

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    • Out of my comfort zone — Owen Brockert,Teppenpaw, Tue Jan 2 14:39
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