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Professor Philpott
Intermediates - A Licence to Misbehave
Sat Feb 24, 2018 04:15

Professor Taransay was currently sitting in his office with steam pouring out of his ears due to a rather heavy cold, which meant that Professor Philpott was taking his classes for the day. This was to be his first encounter with the half-veela student they’d been warned about at the start of term, and he’d been hearing rumours of the intermediates causing a ruckus of late, which meant he wasn’t particularly looking forward to this hour.

“Good afternoon. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Professor Philpott,” he introduced himself. He was a middle aged man, but a rather well groomed one, who was still handsome in spite of the flecks of grey in his dark hair. “Professor Taransay is sick today, but he has left a rather interesting lesson for you all,” he explained. There were several cat carriers stacked up at the front of the classroom, and a chorus of mewing accompanied this explanation. He opened one of the baskets, pulling out a cat-like creature, only with rather larger ears and a small puff at the tip of its tail.

“Who can tell me what this is?” he asked, awarding five points when he got the correct answer of it being a kneazle.

“Kneazles are well known for their ability to detect untrustworthy people, which is why many wizards and witches enjoy keeping them as pets. They’re also able to interbreed with regular domestic cats, and part kneazles have some of this intuitive ability, though not so strong.

“We have a few different felines today, and your task is to sort them - it should be evident which ones are the kneazles, but there’s also halves, quarters, and regular domestic cats. There are three of each. Identifying which is which should be achievable by engaging in various acts of dishonesty and observing the animals’ reactions. I have some trick playing cards at the front, or suggestions of questions you can ask each other and give dishonest responses,” these were all perfectly tame things like ‘what’s your favourite food,’ - having teenagers spilling their deepest, darkest secrets was not a recipe for a happy lesson, “or you may come up with your own ideas for lies or minor tricks, trying to liberate something from a classmate’s bag, for example,” it was an interesting lesson plan, and one he could see the cleverness in… Giving the students license to misbehave was probably amusing enough to keep them more or less on track. And there was, of course, a very good safety measure in place to stop it getting out of hand. “The kneazles shouldn’t do much more than hiss at you for that kind of behaviour, but if you try anything more serious, the real ones will scratch your eyes out, so only be minorly naughty if you value your sight. Please note down which you think is which by their collar colour along with the behavioural observations that led you to these conclusions.”

With that he waved his wand, opening the cages and the dozen felines began to prowl around the room.

OOC - you all know the rules. 200 words minimum and… well, I would say ‘don’t blow things up’ but there’s a plague going round. Don’t blow anything up without tagging me so I can deal with it? And please try not to hurt the animals. Or your classmates. But give priority to the animals.

    • Kitties!!!Salali Bly [Pecari], Fri Mar 2 19:16
      Salali was solidly in the middle now. She was firmly in her teenage years - whatever that meant, but it seemed to be important to people - and as a fourth year had reached the exact midway of her... more
    • Low key oddityZevalyn, Tue Feb 27 12:17
      Zevalyn raised her hand as high as it could go without lifting her butt of its seat. It was so good to be able to know and volunteer answers again. “It’s a kneazle,” she said when she got called... more
      • You called?Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 1 06:14
        Care of Magical Creatures was a bit of a mixed bag. Kir liked animals, but he also liked serious projects that he could get really into, and often those were a bit lacking in this subject. There was... more
        • Not intentionally?Zevalyn, Thu Mar 1 21:22
          Zevalyn couldn't help a smile as Kir addressed her as Amber. It had been an adjustment, once the game got going, to be called by her squib best friend's name, but by now she was acclimated to it and... more
          • *rolling perception check*Kir, Fri Mar 2 07:19
            Kir’s smile grew as Amber called him by his D&D name too. Having nicknames felt like a certain level of closeness, and it was nice to have in jokes and things like that with someone here, especially... more
            • Re: *rolling perception check*Zevalyn, Sat Mar 10 20:36
              Zev frowned doubtfully as Kir expressed his doubt that she was responsible for the weirdness going on, and then absolved her of blame in the same breath. While it was fair to say she hadn't meant... more
              • She was giggling and blushing. Was that good? It might be good. He thought it was quite possibly good, unless it was giggling at him and blushing cos she was feeling awkward about telling him he... more
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