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Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw
You called?
Thu Mar 1, 2018 06:14

Care of Magical Creatures was a bit of a mixed bag. Kir liked animals, but he also liked serious projects that he could get really into, and often those were a bit lacking in this subject. There was also a lot of drawing, and whilst Kir could draw a bird that looked passably bird-like, and usually still aced those bits of work because his labelling was excellent and informative, he felt like he could do a much better job if just left to do it in words. He was definitely more of a words person. Today at least sounded reasonably diverting. He quite liked when they had to observe, so long as there was something to observe (observing Flobberworms, for example, was more a challenge in staying awake and in trying to find enough to fill a piece of parchment than it was… actually challenging), and he liked cats and cat-like creatures, so today seemed like a good day.

He was trying to decide which feline to flummox first when his D&D buddy pushed a pink-collared cat in his direction. D&D had been interesting, and fun. Kir had taken a while to get the hang of it (he still didn’t think he fully had, actually) but his stumbling and breaking character (‘Would an elf say this?’ ‘Would I know that already?’ ‘Am I allowed to…?’) had lessened as the game went on, and he was obviously quite adept at playing a part, with no qualms whatsoever about hamming it up. He just needed a little more time to get to know the character and the system.

“Hey Amber,” he greeted, giving a wry smile to make it clear he’d done that on purpose rather than just lost concentration. It was just so much easier... He knew she was Zevalyn but only in that way that one academically knew certain facts. He hadn’t actually ever really talked to her as Zevalyn. He’d talked to Amber a lot more, and he hoped it was cute and nicknamey and not weird to call her that now. “Oh hi, aren’t you cute?” he greeted the cat, “Not a lie,” he added, in case Zevalyn was trying to keep track, or thought he was some kind of mad cat hater. “Guess you’ll have to wait for Professor Taransay to come back,” he shrugged, when she asked about adoption, “You in the market for a cat?” he asked.

He reached out a hand to pet it and did a double take. His nails were painted a dark, iridescent blue.

“Ok…. Looks like our class prankster doesn’t know me very well, if they think that’s going to bother me,” he blinked. He’d actually seen some of the Teppenpaw girls putting on nail varnish the other day and been weighing up whether he should give it a go. “Or they know me well and aren’t very creative,” he considered.

“Oh no, oh no. Nail polish is for girls. I am humiliated,” he deadpanned, continuing to fuss the cat, who showed no signs of reacting to anything other than his tickles. “Hey,” he added, as a thought occurred to him “How do you think kneazles react to sarcasm? Because it’s a form of insincerity but it isn’t trickery - the whole point of sarcasm is that you’re spelling out what you really think… And what about partial truths? Like, if I told one your name is Amber… It is, in certain contexts. And it is to me, kind of. I mean, I don’t actually believe it believe it but - ooh, but what if I did? What about people with delusions?” he continued, as the full possibilities of the class started to rattle through his mind, “This is going to be more fun than I thought. We should go find a kneazle and test some of this out,” he added. “Sorry, pink kitty. You’re cute but I reckon the other felines are smarter… Oh, and I live in a castle made of cotton candy," he added, because he realised he hadn't actually lied to it until that point. It purred.

“By the way,” he added, as another thought occurred to him, “Is it just nail polish?” he asked. He couldn’t see his own face, after all. The answer to this, in fact, was ‘no.’ It was subtle, but there were hints of a smoky eyeshadow and little bit of eyeliner.

  • Low key oddityZevalyn, Tue Feb 27 12:17
    Zevalyn raised her hand as high as it could go without lifting her butt of its seat. It was so good to be able to know and volunteer answers again. “It’s a kneazle,” she said when she got called... more
    • You called? — Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 1 06:14
      • Not intentionally?Zevalyn, Thu Mar 1 21:22
        Zevalyn couldn't help a smile as Kir addressed her as Amber. It had been an adjustment, once the game got going, to be called by her squib best friend's name, but by now she was acclimated to it and... more
        • *rolling perception check*Kir, Fri Mar 2 07:19
          Kir’s smile grew as Amber called him by his D&D name too. Having nicknames felt like a certain level of closeness, and it was nice to have in jokes and things like that with someone here, especially... more
          • Re: *rolling perception check*Zevalyn, Sat Mar 10 20:36
            Zev frowned doubtfully as Kir expressed his doubt that she was responsible for the weirdness going on, and then absolved her of blame in the same breath. While it was fair to say she hadn't meant... more
            • She was giggling and blushing. Was that good? It might be good. He thought it was quite possibly good, unless it was giggling at him and blushing cos she was feeling awkward about telling him he... more
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