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*rolling perception check*
Fri Mar 2, 2018 07:19

Kir’s smile grew as Amber called him by his D&D name too. Having nicknames felt like a certain level of closeness, and it was nice to have in jokes and things like that with someone here, especially as they’d only spent a couple of hours together. Well, kind of… Perhaps longer had passed for Amber and Erevan. The fact that it was a decidedly attractive girl that he was getting to share nicknames and smiles was kind of the icing on the cake. And had she just checked a gendered assumption she’d made about the cat based on its collar colour? She was definitely something.

I’m sorry, I think it’s me, wasn’t exactly the reaction he was expecting to any of his questions, kneazle-based or personal, but as Zevalyn went on it became clear what she meant. Well…. Clearer. It was all still a bit odd. And he had ‘eye stuff’ too, and he definitely hadn’t missed the part where she’d said it looked good. He was certainly coming back to that when he got a chance. But for now, there was the bigger question of whether Zevalyn was messing with the universe, and the fact she felt the need to apologise.

“It’s ok. Even if it is you, which I’m not one hundred percent convinced of, then it’s fine,” he reassured her, “And maybe. You seem to know more about that kind of thing than me though,” he returned her smile, as she suggested it might be an ‘elf culture thing.’ It was fun to joke around, but his mind was still whirring over everything else she’d said, and… “Not that I don’t like that as an explanation, but actually trying to explore it rationally… Everyone does weird stuff when they’re in their accidental phase. Maybe yours went on a bit longer if you were - um, in denial or something?” he wasn’t quite sure of Zevalyn’s exact story but he knew she’d started late, and that seemed the best word for what she’d just said, “But… well, ok Jozua and Lily seem all over the place this year, and they ought to know better, so even if you had a late start, why would any of the weirdness now be specifically you? Unless you do happen to have a lot of fantasies about guys in eyeliner - which, if you do, colour me both intrigued and totally willing to oblige - but… I mean, accidents tend to be something people subconsciously want, or be brought about by strong feelings. Anything else is likely to be a prank.

“Ah, that one looks fairly kneazley… Shall we?” he added, quite keen to get on with their enquiries, making his way over to a feline with a pronounced tuft and… distinguished ears. “You were saying something about it looking good… You mean the make up’s well done, or it specifically looks cute on me?” he asked, grinning at her. “I don’t want to see you scratched, so I guess I better tell you to be honest on that one,” he added.

  • Not intentionally?Zevalyn, Thu Mar 1 21:22
    Zevalyn couldn't help a smile as Kir addressed her as Amber. It had been an adjustment, once the game got going, to be called by her squib best friend's name, but by now she was acclimated to it and... more
    • *rolling perception check* — Kir, Fri Mar 2 07:19
      • Re: *rolling perception check*Zevalyn, Sat Mar 10 20:36
        Zev frowned doubtfully as Kir expressed his doubt that she was responsible for the weirdness going on, and then absolved her of blame in the same breath. While it was fair to say she hadn't meant... more
        • She was giggling and blushing. Was that good? It might be good. He thought it was quite possibly good, unless it was giggling at him and blushing cos she was feeling awkward about telling him he... more
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