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Salali Bly [Pecari]
Fri Mar 2, 2018 19:16

Salali was solidly in the middle now. She was firmly in her teenage years - whatever that meant, but it seemed to be important to people - and as a fourth year had reached the exact midway of her school career. That was odd, that she was so close to being considered grown up. There was so much she didn’t know yet. That was scary. Not knowing things had never really bothered Salali before, but now it worried her. She’d never really been worried before, either.

At least it was time for her favorite class. Salali had immediately taken to the creatures upon her first year at Sonora, and nothing had changed as time passed. Professor Taransay was great and let them do many wonderful things and play with many fascinating creatures. Unfortunately, their usual profesor was not here today, but at least their lesson seemed fun!

Salali was not a particularly dishonest person, so lying to these poor creatures did not appeal to her as much as some other things did, but the concept was so fascinating - these little kitty things could determine motive and truth! - heavily outweighed her natural goodness and inclination for truth-telling.

She was thinking too much, which was not fun and also entirely un-Salali-like, so she pushed all those annoying brain-words away. Too excited to contain herself any further, she bounded up to the nearest friend she saw (Salali considered herself friends with all of her classmates) and offered a wide grin. “Do you want to play with the kitties with me? I mean,” she corrected with mock seriousness, “Do you want to work together on this very serious assignment?”

  • Intermediates - A Licence to MisbehaveProfessor Philpott, Sat Feb 24 04:15
    Professor Taransay was currently sitting in his office with steam pouring out of his ears due to a rather heavy cold, which meant that Professor Philpott was taking his classes for the day. This was... more
    • Kitties!!! — Salali Bly [Pecari], Fri Mar 2 19:16
    • Low key oddityZevalyn, Tue Feb 27 12:17
      Zevalyn raised her hand as high as it could go without lifting her butt of its seat. It was so good to be able to know and volunteer answers again. “It’s a kneazle,” she said when she got called... more
      • You called?Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 1 06:14
        Care of Magical Creatures was a bit of a mixed bag. Kir liked animals, but he also liked serious projects that he could get really into, and often those were a bit lacking in this subject. There was... more
        • Not intentionally?Zevalyn, Thu Mar 1 21:22
          Zevalyn couldn't help a smile as Kir addressed her as Amber. It had been an adjustment, once the game got going, to be called by her squib best friend's name, but by now she was acclimated to it and... more
          • *rolling perception check*Kir, Fri Mar 2 07:19
            Kir’s smile grew as Amber called him by his D&D name too. Having nicknames felt like a certain level of closeness, and it was nice to have in jokes and things like that with someone here, especially... more
            • Re: *rolling perception check*Zevalyn, Sat Mar 10 20:36
              Zev frowned doubtfully as Kir expressed his doubt that she was responsible for the weirdness going on, and then absolved her of blame in the same breath. While it was fair to say she hadn't meant... more
              • She was giggling and blushing. Was that good? It might be good. He thought it was quite possibly good, unless it was giggling at him and blushing cos she was feeling awkward about telling him he... more
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