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Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari
I don't know, they could be good company.
Tue Mar 6, 2018 12:51

Tatiana normally only gave a cursory glance over the front of a class on her way into it, noting that everything was more or less the way it had been the last time she left a room without even noticing she did it. Today, though, this brief sweep got to the adult in front of her, moved past, and then abruptly swung back to the adult, realizing he wasn’t the adult she expected. Where was Professor Taransay?

Professor Fill-pot. Sounded like two English words run together, and Tatiana was a bit pleased with herself for being able to distinguish those two words from each other. Less pleasing was how Professor Fill-pot seemed committed to using a number of big words she couldn’t quite understand. Indesspossed, soup-adviser. This seemed like it could go downhill fast, despite the improvements in her English over the last year.

She did know the word pet, though, and recognized ‘puffskein’ and ‘pygmy puff’ from her side-by-side readings - she had a set of Grisha’s old Beginner Russian textbooks in her dorm room, which, with a dictionary and a bit of patience, she could usually line up with her American textbooks to make sure she had read the English version correctly. At the time, she had they were very cute, but perhaps not worth the effort it had taken to figure out what they were called in Russian and find their pages. At home, they had pets, but these were held in common by the family - except Mama’s somewhat evil-tempered old half-kneazle - and were larger. Something like a pygmy puff would not have been likely to do so good with all six of them running around, and the cats and dogs and all.

Here they were, though, and her task for the day was to make them comfortable. That, Tatiana thought she could do. She went and picked one up, petting it more gently than, unbeknownst to her, many of her classmates might have expected. It was so tiny - like a tiny puppy or kitten when it was first born and not to be touched, or Alyosha when he had been first born and had been off-limits as well. These, though, she was trusted with, and that felt sort of nice.

She had heard the word can in Fill-pot’s comments on partners. This, as far as she knew, meant it was optional. On one hand, it would be nice, not having to struggle to share observations and ideas with someone else - just to be alone, like when she read Russian novels and poems and letters from home and escaped into her own language for a bit. On the other hand, though, she'd probably spend the whole evening by herself - she was the only person in her room, she had to work so hard at her studies that it cut her free time down below that of most first and second years, and sometimes when she wasn’t studying, it was like all her friends had vanished - she’d not be able to find anyone free. Of course, she assumed Dorian had to study as hard as she did, and that Jehan just did because he was an Aladren, and Vladimir had a large family here, so they were busy, and her only girl-friend was in Crotalus with another girl, so what need to come into common areas outside of classes….

Maybe they would let her keep the little creature here in her room, she thought. He had said ‘your’ puffskein or pygmy puff. It could keep her company when she had to work hard, or when everyone else was busy, and she could teach it to understand Russian instead of English.

Someone sat next to her and Tatiana smiled at them. “Hello,” she said. “These are - pretty.” She couldn’t remember the precise word for ‘cute’ as distinct from ‘pretty.’ They were, however, sort of pretty as well. “I think it - liked cloth bed,” she added. Liked wasn’t the right word, but it was close enough.

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    • I don't know, they could be good company. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Tue Mar 6 12:51
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        • It's so sweet and cuddly.Tatiana, Wed Mar 7 15:23
          Tatiana didn’t understand every word that Dorian said to the puffskein, but the general idea was easy enough to pick up and she smiled, too, as he petted the little creature in her hands. “Souffle?”... more
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