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I guess it takes after me then
Thu Mar 8, 2018 07:32

“Ey! Je ne le ferais pas non plus,” he protested, more aiming his remarks at the Puffskein, who a) was the one that needed to be told that he would not do this either and b) needed exposure to naturalistic French in order to acquire all its parents’ languages properly. “Je n'ai pas dit ça,” he added, addressing both the Puffskein and Tatya, who he thought would understand that.

“Souffle… Souffle is not soufflé,” he pointed out, a little unsure whether Tatya had really misheard him or had just made the connection for the sake of the joke… It was hard to know sometimes, and would probably frustrate her if she had actually been trying to make a play on the words. He decided to not over-explain the linguistics unless she asked, trusting that it was at least reasonable to make this much of a defence given her accusations, even if she had been playing with the meanings, “And also, soufflé is not always sweet. You can make cheese soufflé and is very delicious,” he continued, addressing the further error - the perhaps more serious one, seeing as he doubted she really thought he would eat their puffskein but he suspected she sincerely believed that all soufflés were desserts.

“Yes, we try those,” he nodded. As Tatya was still cradling the tiny creature, he went about gathering the proposed beddings, setting them out on the table, and then standing the opposite side of it to Tatya, hands ready to curb the little fluffball from wandering off the edges. When Tatya put it down, it immediately scampered over to the paper, but instead of settling down began to enthusiastically rip it into smaller pieces.

“He - she - it,” he pondered, realising he had no idea how one could tell and wasn’t particularly keen on inspecting the creature to see if he could figure it out, “is making the… nid. Like… bird bed? Or is just playing?” he queried. “Hey, jiùqǐn shíjiān, xiǎo fěnpū,” he told it, again slipping into Chinese because being told it was bedtime was definitely a phrase associated more strongly with that language. “Nǐ bù lèi ma?” he asked. In answer to whether or not it was tired, the puffskein happily continued to shred paper and appear to not listen in the slightest to this parental rebuke.

“What if it not want any bed?” he asked Tatya.

  • It's so sweet and cuddly.Tatiana, Wed Mar 7 15:23
    Tatiana didn’t understand every word that Dorian said to the puffskein, but the general idea was easy enough to pick up and she smiled, too, as he petted the little creature in her hands. “Souffle?”... more
    • I guess it takes after me then — Dorian, Thu Mar 8 07:32
      • Tatiana grinned at Dorian as he protested that souffles were not necessarily sweet, citing one made of cheese. “Someday I give you paskha, Dorya,” said Tatiana. “C’est fromage sucré, et ochen’... more
        • I think he gets his stubbornness from youDorian, Thu Mar 15 09:11
          “Ok ok,” he agreed, as Tatya threw together a fusion of food-related words, “Stop describe and just feed me. Et bien sûr, on peut manger quelque fromage avec les chose sucré… Brie avec des... more
          • Not to mention beauty and brains, right?Tatiana, Sat Apr 14 20:53
            Tatiana patted her friend’s shoulder sympathetically when he began reminiscing about foods he would rather be eating. She did not really over much like French cheeses, but she quite understood... more
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