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Jasmine, Crotalus
You found tribble; I’m a witch of a certain age
Thu Mar 8, 2018 11:31

Had Jasmine been the type of person to reference her syllabus to see what she could expect to do today in her classes, Care of Magical Creatures would have been the class she did it in, so she would know whether to anticipate that class period in eager excitement, dread it and possibly manage to get herself sick before she had to deal with blast ended screwts, or prepare for the disappointment of a lesson that was all lecture. If she was such a person, seeing ‘Puffskeins and pygmy puffs’ on the day’s lesson plan would have had her in a good mood all day. It would have also prepared her for the sight of them as she entered the classroom.

Jasmine was not that sort of person.

So when she entered the room and saw the puffs, she wasn’t expecting them. And not having expected them, she was unable to contain the welling of delight and joy that bubbled up inside of her.

So shortly after entering the room and immediately upon directing her gaze upon the creatures, Jasmine squealed and clapped her hands and even jumped up and down a little bit as she exclaimed, “Pygmy puffs! We have pygmy puffs today!”

Sitting down in a chair was hard when all she really wanted to do was run up to them and start snuggling one, but she managed to do so and wait out the dry uninspired lecture of the substitute. Didn’t he see there were puffs to hug? Why did he sound so dour? Clearly he needed a puff.

Finally, finally he finished talking and she ran up and grabbed a little pink one who was absolutely adorable. She brought it back to her seat and snuggled with it for a moment before her neighbor spoke and she remembered they were supposed to pair off and make houses for the little poofs. She saw with no small amount of disappointment that her neighbor had grabbed some foam bits instead of a little bed while she had collected the puff.

“Tribble?”she repeated in confusion. She had never heard of a tribble before, but it did sound kind of cute. “I guess we could name this one Tribble if you like,” she suggested doubtfully, letting go of her plan to name it Cupcake. But Parker didn’t sound super enthralled, and she wanted to encourage him to enjoy himself with their pygmy puff. If naming it after something he knew from home helped him do so, she wasn’t against it.

Though she couldn’t quite stop herself from frowning at the foam and asking sadly, “You didn’t think Tribble wanted a little Tribble-sized bed to rest in?”

  • Looks like TribbleParker, Thu Mar 1 09:57
    This year seemed to be becoming animal focused for Parker. First it was all the stories of the Bird Fish tribe, looking up animals that Cleo wrote about, then the actual bird fish in Charms that... more
    • You found tribble; I’m a witch of a certain age — Jasmine, Crotalus, Thu Mar 8 11:31
      • Which Witch? These puns can be tribblingParker, Pecari, Thu Mar 29 08:27
        Parker turned to see his partner was a first year who was snuggling their puff/tribble. She was being affectionate with it, to the point where Parker worried she might kill the animal. Parker held... more
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