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Re: *rolling perception check*
Sat Mar 10, 2018 20:36

Zev frowned doubtfully as Kir expressed his doubt that she was responsible for the weirdness going on, and then absolved her of blame in the same breath. While it was fair to say she hadn't meant anything malicious by it, she still felt she was somehow backsliding just as she thought she was finally getting her magic act together. She reflexively smiled though as he said he liked the 'elf culture thing' as a reason for it to happen, but then it faded again just as quickly as he seemed to be reasoning that it was her, and her years of habitual denial of her abilities was somehow now coming up to bite her in the rear.

She stood up straighter though as he reminded her about Jozua and Lily. Yes! Of course! Jozua had very clearly been out of control of his magic at the beginning of the year, so maybe this was just a teenage resurgence of accidental magic or something that many witches and wizards experienced. Feeling better about herself with that explanation, she relaxed a bit and followed him over to White Collar Kneazle, giving Pink one last pet before moving away.

She couldn't help laughing in surprise as he asked her if she thought the makeup looked cute on him and blushed faintly. Eyeing the Kneazle, who, by its physical appearance, was clearly at least half, if not full, she pointed out, "I thought the point of the lesson was that we were supposed to lie in front of it, so we could gauge how good they were at it?" White Collar (she mentally dubbed this one Neal Caffery after the main character in the television show White Collar) eyed her through slitted eyes and flicked his tail in a way that seemed distrustful. "Well, it seems to sense delaying tactics," she noted objectively, and added that to her parchment, "or possibly intent to lie before it even happens."

"This is my friend, Erevan," she introduced Kir to the kneazle, "and he's an elf."

The cat looked like it wanted to hiss, but then stopped and looked almost confused. "And he looks hideous in make-up," she added, which made it jump at her, but she'd kind of been expecting that so she got her wand up and cast a barrier charm before it reached her. "Sorry, cute. The word I should have used there is cute." The kneazle backed off but gave her a feline version of a dirty look.

"I don't think Neal likes me much," she admitted in a quiet confiding voice to Kir, trying not to sound too pleased with herself. Then she added, "Though mostly I meant it was well done and I was thinking I should try to learn how to do that charm for myself." Neal gave her one more warning look to behave and then began licking a paw like she was totally beneath his notice now that she wasn't being a threat to Truth, Justice, and the Kneazle Way. "But it does bring out your features very nicely." Since he was gay, she felt entirely comfortable telling him this.

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    • Re: *rolling perception check* — Zevalyn, Sat Mar 10 20:36
      • She was giggling and blushing. Was that good? It might be good. He thought it was quite possibly good, unless it was giggling at him and blushing cos she was feeling awkward about telling him he... more
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