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You don’t think I’m either of those things?
Mon Mar 12, 2018 20:45

Tatiana grinned at Dorian as he protested that souffles were not necessarily sweet, citing one made of cheese. “Someday I give you paskha, Dorya,” said Tatiana. “C’est fromage sucré, et ochen’ vkusnyi.” Tatiana made a face of apology for a few seconds upon realizing she had said ‘very tasty’ in Russian instead of French. “C’est fromage s sakharom, i avec noix i fruits - o, good!”

She thought ahead to Pascha, but realized that paskha was very unlikely to travel well all the way from Alaska to Arizona even if she could somehow bring along kulich to serve with it without said kulich getting flattened into nothing desirable. These delicacies were things that were usually served very soon after being made up, the rich Easter bread and the often equally rich cheese spread which was served with it. She could taste them now, almost - and blini swimming in butter, and proper strawberry tea, and proper rye bread….

It was with some reluctance that Tatiana shook off the visions of food dancing in her head.

“Ya ne znayu,” admitted Tatiana - I don’t know - when Dorian asked what they were to do if the puffskein did not want a bed at all. “Looks like paper is its igrushka - but we watch? See what does? Maybe it eat it,” she half-joked.

She did not understand as much of Dorian’s Chinese as she did his French, but she thought she had recognized a new unfamiliar word from something he’d said to the puffskein earlier. “Fěnpū - eto dit’ya?” she asked, pointing to the Puffskein as it shredded paper.

  • I guess it takes after me thenDorian, Thu Mar 8 07:32
    “Ey! Je ne le ferais pas non plus,” he protested, more aiming his remarks at the Puffskein, who a) was the one that needed to be told that he would not do this either and b) needed exposure to... more
    • You don’t think I’m either of those things? — Tatya , Mon Mar 12 20:45
      • I think he gets his stubbornness from youDorian, Thu Mar 15 09:11
        “Ok ok,” he agreed, as Tatya threw together a fusion of food-related words, “Stop describe and just feed me. Et bien sûr, on peut manger quelque fromage avec les chose sucré… Brie avec des... more
        • Not to mention beauty and brains, right?Tatiana, Sat Apr 14 20:53
          Tatiana patted her friend’s shoulder sympathetically when he began reminiscing about foods he would rather be eating. She did not really over much like French cheeses, but she quite understood... more
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