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Parker, Pecari
Which Witch? These puns can be tribbling
Thu Mar 29, 2018 08:27

Parker turned to see his partner was a first year who was snuggling their puff/tribble. She was being affectionate with it, to the point where Parker worried she might kill the animal. Parker held back from rolling his eyes or trying to gently pull the animal out of her arms. Though he kept looking at it to make sure it was still moving.

"No a tribble is..." he let the thought go.
Tribble wasn't a terrible name for the animal. He could see that she was deflated from the foam he'd brought, and possible from his lack of enthusiasm. He’d thought that... Tribble or any of the puffs might actually like the foam, but hadn't thought about what his partner might like He hadn’t actually thought about who his partner might was, and now was a bit disappointed that he might have to try to be the sensible one of the group. Added to that, the look on her face reminded him of his sister when she was getting upset. He hated seeing that face, it made him feel a bit hollow inside.

"Umm... it's just that everyone will want to use the little beds and I thought we could see if...Tribble liked bedding foam just as much as they'd like a tribble-bed."

Parker was momentarily surprised with his words. Not only did they make sense, but they actually showed he'd paid attention to the instructions. He was by no means a terrible student, but he wasn’t the best in the class either. Even if it was a class he liked as much as Care of Magical Creatures.
Parker put down the foam and the cage. He was thinking of how best to do this with someone who was so in love with these… puffs.

“Why don’t I set up his cage for now, and you go find something Tribble might light to eat. I think there was candy or baked goods. If they don’t like the bedding foam we can see if there is something else Tribble will like. Also, how do you tell if they are boys or girls?”

  • You found tribble; I’m a witch of a certain ageJasmine, Crotalus, Thu Mar 8 11:31
    Had Jasmine been the type of person to reference her syllabus to see what she could expect to do today in her classes, Care of Magical Creatures would have been the class she did it in, so she would... more
    • Which Witch? These puns can be tribbling — Parker, Pecari, Thu Mar 29 08:27
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