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Michael DiCaprio - Pecari
Guidance needed
Thu Apr 5, 2018 19:48

The topic of today's class was a lot more interesting than other classes. He was getting used to learning about magic and spells instead of language arts or science. Science was always fun when his teachers brought animals, and COMC was pretty much like a whole hour dedicated to learning about animals.

Puffskeins and pygmy puffs weren't that interesting though, and he was pretty sure Professor Philpott would agree. They were like the pets a kid got when he was eight or nine to learn how to take care of a living thing that wouldn't have huge consequences. Michael would've liked to learn about dragons or something more dangerous and, as a result, more interesting, but he was still only a first year.

His family didn't have any pets and weren't planning on getting any, mostly because his mom didn't want to take care of them alongside two boys. She wasn't really the nurturing type. His dad would've loved to have a dog, but since he worked a ton, there was no way he'd be able to take care of it.

That said, Mikey had never set up a cage before for a pet before. Even though it didn't seem that hard, he'd feel a lot better with a partner. He walked up to the selection of bedding and food, his eyes scanning the various options. In TV shows and in the hamster cage one of his teachers had, there'd been shredded soft wood, so he went with that option. He scooped up a bunch and brought it back to the cage on his desk.

"Do you think that's enough?" he asked, lining the bottom. "I don't think they'd need a tiny doll bed, but maybe they would? Honestly I don't really know what I'm doing. Do you have any pets at home?"

  • Beginners - Pointless PuffsProfessor Philpott, Wed Feb 28 08:12
    “Good morning,” Professor Philpott greeted the beginners class. They’d had enough classes by now to know that he was not their regular professor. However, their regular professor was smoking at the... more
    • Guidance needed — Michael DiCaprio - Pecari, Thu Apr 5 19:48
    • I don't know, they could be good company.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Tue Mar 6 12:51
      Tatiana normally only gave a cursory glance over the front of a class on her way into it, noting that everything was more or less the way it had been the last time she left a room without even... more
      • Mignonne petite duvet-souffleDorian Montoir, Teppenpaw, Wed Mar 7 07:45
        Dorian was a little put off by the presence of an unfamiliar face at the front of the classroom. He didn’t have particularly strong feelings one way or the other about Professor Taransay as a person, ... more
        • It's so sweet and cuddly.Tatiana, Wed Mar 7 15:23
          Tatiana didn’t understand every word that Dorian said to the puffskein, but the general idea was easy enough to pick up and she smiled, too, as he petted the little creature in her hands. “Souffle?”... more
          • I guess it takes after me thenDorian, Thu Mar 8 07:32
            “Ey! Je ne le ferais pas non plus,” he protested, more aiming his remarks at the Puffskein, who a) was the one that needed to be told that he would not do this either and b) needed exposure to... more
            • Tatiana grinned at Dorian as he protested that souffles were not necessarily sweet, citing one made of cheese. “Someday I give you paskha, Dorya,” said Tatiana. “C’est fromage sucré, et ochen’... more
              • I think he gets his stubbornness from youDorian, Thu Mar 15 09:11
                “Ok ok,” he agreed, as Tatya threw together a fusion of food-related words, “Stop describe and just feed me. Et bien sûr, on peut manger quelque fromage avec les chose sucré… Brie avec des... more
                • Not to mention beauty and brains, right?Tatiana, Sat Apr 14 20:53
                  Tatiana patted her friend’s shoulder sympathetically when he began reminiscing about foods he would rather be eating. She did not really over much like French cheeses, but she quite understood... more
    • Looks like TribbleParker, Thu Mar 1 09:57
      This year seemed to be becoming animal focused for Parker. First it was all the stories of the Bird Fish tribe, looking up animals that Cleo wrote about, then the actual bird fish in Charms that... more
      • You found tribble; I’m a witch of a certain ageJasmine, Crotalus, Thu Mar 8 11:31
        Had Jasmine been the type of person to reference her syllabus to see what she could expect to do today in her classes, Care of Magical Creatures would have been the class she did it in, so she would... more
        • Which Witch? These puns can be tribblingParker, Pecari, Thu Mar 29 08:27
          Parker turned to see his partner was a first year who was snuggling their puff/tribble. She was being affectionate with it, to the point where Parker worried she might kill the animal. Parker held... more
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