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Well, it's not a natural one, and you have a high bonus
Sun Apr 8, 2018 14:08

Zevalyn smiled a bit self-consciously as Kir complimented her on her bravery in real life. She hadn't really considered that a risk, as the assignment had specifically been to see how the felines reacted to lying, and been told what to expect when you did it to a full blooded one - which Neal pretty certainly was - as her notes were now recording without need of a pen at all. This was actually pretty cool and convenient, if somewhat indicative of poor conscious control of her magic.

"Oh," she said, realizing belatedly that she'd used her mental name for Neal aloud. "Neal's the main character on a tv show I watch sometimes called White Collar, and he's got a white collar, so . . . I decided to call him that." Admitting to watching TV was the same as admitting to a non-wizard heritage, but she was fairly certain that was no secret in her case. Nobody started magic school at thirteen years old as a first year unless they really had no clue what magic was.

And as he blushed back and was quick to add that she was cute without make-up, she began to wonder if maybe Georgia hadn't been entirely correct. Kir might like guys, but she was no longer certain that he didn't like girls as well. She had never run into this before, so she wasn't entirely certain, but she thought he might be flirting with her. Her own cheeks stayed just a bit pink.

"Thanks," she said to his promise to help her with make up if he figured out the spell for it. Not that she thought she needed make up often - that seemed like too much effort to her - but there was a big fancy ball coming up . . .

"So I'm going to go ahead and call Neal a full kneazle," she remarked, looking over her notes that she hadn't actually taken to make sure it was all there. It was, mostly, and whenever she noticed anything missing, it got added on its own. "Shall we move on to, uh, Purple Collar, over there?" she asked pointing to one with a less pronounced tuft to it. "Appearance-wise, it looks like maybe half?" she guessed.

  • She was giggling and blushing. Was that good? It might be good. He thought it was quite possibly good, unless it was giggling at him and blushing cos she was feeling awkward about telling him he... more
    • Well, it's not a natural one, and you have a high bonus — Zevalyn, Sun Apr 8 14:08
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