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Professor Rory Taransay
Presentation preparation [Advanced class]
Mon Aug 27, 2018 14:08

Rory looked up as the students filed in. He’d always enjoyed being the Care of Magical Creatures professor, based on the subject matter, but now he was glad of it for another reason: it meant that he wasn’t Tabitha, and so hadn’t had to teach the students about veela. He felt very sorry for Cleo, and hoped that the lack of Aladren students coming to him with questions or problems meant that there weren’t any, at least in the quarter of the student body for which he was responsible. However, one never knew what was around the corner.

Rory had found a somewhat renewed enthusiasm for being at Sonora after his conversation with Tabitha. He had to admit that he had been stagnating a bit recently, but the arrival of someone from his childhood had reminded him that he wasn’t that old, really, as well as bring back memories of being young and full of possibilities. It had given him cause to think about his future, about what he really wanted for life. This wasn't to say that he was planning on leaving Sonora, but his sister-in-law did perhaps have a point when she said that he needed to get out there more, meet somebody, and realise there was more to living than just teaching and his summer expeditions.

Some of the students in his advanced class would be sent out into the world in the not too distant future, with the opportunity to properly start living, and he was excited for them all to have the opportunity. He hoped that some of them would continue an interest in magical creatures - not that he was biased or anything! He also hoped that their lessons at Sonora provided them with more than just facts. Some would be going on to further study, and they would hopefully benefit from learning the analytical skills that would help them in that, and they would all hopefully find the knowledge useful for everyday life (or hopefully not, depending on the creature).

He liked to stretch his advanced classes more than the younger students, aiming to build on and use the knowledge they had of the creatures they’d studied.

After greeting his students, he outlined the task at hand.

“Today, I’d like you to work in pairs or threes. Your task is to pick a creature that we have studied over the years, and to outline a plan for how best to conserve the species. Think about things such as habitat - should it be kept in the wild, contained on a reserve, or kept on a much smaller scale -, where to source its food, the number of creatures to conserve, and the biggest threats to its continued existence.

“As ever, I have useful books up here at the front, and you can ask me questions if you are struggling. Your homework is to finish this task, as each pair or three will be presenting their plan next lesson.”

With that, he let them get on with it, wandering round the groups to listen to parts of their discussion and be on hand if needed.

OOC: Usual class rules apply, in that posts should be 200 words minimum and factors such as creativity, length, and realism will be taken into consideration when marking. Tag Professor Taransay in the subject if you wish to ask him a question. By advanced level they should have studied most, ifnot all, creatures, so go wild in your choices (although some may be more suited to the task than others)

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