Ben Pierce
Yeah, Dragons! . . . and, uh, unicorns, too.
Thu Oct 4, 2018 11:42

If Ben had to name a favorite class, it would be Care of Magical Creatures. It was interesting, it didnít break his brain, and, by RATS level, dragons were on the curriculum. What wasnít to like?

In all truth, there were really only two things stopping him from going to college to study dragon wrangling. The first was that heíd have to leave Boston, which he really didnít want to do. His family and Tessís were both there. The second was that his current Future Career Plan involved getting picked up by a professional Quidditch team, or maybe going into coaching. He honestly would have preferred baseball to Quidditch, but there were Dumb Rules against wizards playing muggle sports professionally. The International Statute of Secrecy sucked.

One thing he never considered doing was trying to conserve an entire species, but that seemed to be Professor Taransayís plan for the Advanced classís next presentation.

It seemed like a tall order to him, and he was trying to decide if any if Grameliaís and Aunt Belís DISCUSS tactics would be valid for this, when Georgia approached and made her pitch. ďIím all over the dragons,Ē he agreed, thinking that their notoriety among muggles surely wasnít doing dragons any favors. Of course, she had led with unicorns, and while those generally were not one of Benís favorite animals, he didnít want to dismiss them entirely. ďOr unicorns, I guess,Ē he offered gallantly, but the enthusiasm heíd shown over dragons clearly wasnít there.

ďBut yeah, if a muggle sees one of those, they know what it is, they report it, obliviators come in, the dragon has to be relocated. . . and muggles are everywhere, and they all have cell phones to take pictures of anything unusual they see, and itís just getting harder and harder to hide the big magical creatures. Though, at least, nobodyís hunting them with swords anymore, so thatís good.Ē

OOC: Iím assuming Ben doesnít give Georgia a pureblood-to-be-avoided vibe given his ever present Boston Red Sox hats and the Boston Pierces being widely known as disowned muggle-loving liberal blood traitors.

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    Georgia had got through her CATS, somehow. Well, actually she knew exactly how. Zevalyn. Georgia was under no illusions that she herself was academically gifted, and even in basic skills like working ... more
    • Yeah, Dragons! . . . and, uh, unicorns, too. — Ben Pierce, Thu Oct 4 11:42
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