Professor Rory Taransay
Is it a plant? Is it a mammal? No, it's... [Beginners]
Tue Nov 6, 2018 10:55

Today’s Care of Magical Creatures lesson was outside, and Rory had made sure to prewarn his class beforehand, so that no one had a good excuse for going to the wrong place. They met by a grassy enclosure that contained just over 10 mushroom-like creatures.

“Good morning, everyone,” Rory greeted his beginners class, as enthusiastic as ever. There were still a few weeks of term to go, and he wanted to get in some more content lessons before everyone went a little holiday-mad. Rory didn’t really mind that – who wasn’t excited for the holidays?! – and always made sure his last few lessons were fun ones. However, doing that meant he had to make sure he’d covered all the content beforehand.

“Today we’re going to be looking at Horklumps,” he announced. “Now, your homework was to read up on these creatures, so can anyone tell me why they are useful to us?” He picked on raised hands until he got the correct answer, giving house points for it.

“As you should have read, Horklumps are not native to North America, but they are found in Scotland, which is where I’m from. I brought this lot over with me, and have carefully cultivated them here. Can anyone tell me why bringing a new species to a country can be dangerous?”

Again, he picked on hands until he got his desired answer mentioning how they can overrun new places and outcompete the local creatures.

“Well done, you can have five house points! Today we’re going to be working in pairs or groups of three. I’d like you to choose a Horklump, and feed it. I’ve got earthworms over here, freshly gathered for you. Once you’re sure your Horklump has enough to eat, your task is to draw it.”

Rory liked to get his classes into the habit of drawing the animals they studied. Having such a representation was always useful, for revision as well as for learning the specific details of the creature they were looking at.

“If anyone has any problems, just ask me. Off you go!”

OOC: Normal class rules apply. Ask Rory if you need help. As ever, he will stop any animal cruelty he sees. Information on the Horklump can be found here:

(If this lesson looks familiar, that's because it had no original replies so has been recycled!)

    • Where is the other one?Heinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren, Tue Nov 13 16:13
      Heinrich recognized the Horklump immediately. His mom had dealt with an outbreak of them in her garden one year. They weren’t unknown in Germany, having spread through most of northern Europe, though ... more
    • An invasive pest. Ness McLeod, Aladren, Mon Nov 12 07:35
      Ness peered at the Horklumps, trying to feel enthusiastic. A combination of growing up in the magical world and being the kind of student who spent a lot of time reading the textbook meant that the... more
      • I'm proud of your brain, friend. Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Thu Nov 15 20:24
        Evelyn did not know what horklumps were and she did not particularly feel privileged to be finding out. At the same time, Care of Magical Creatures was a favorite class of hers and she was as happy... more
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