Heinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren
Where is the other one?
Tue Nov 13, 2018 16:13

Heinrich recognized the Horklump immediately. His mom had dealt with an outbreak of them in her garden one year. They weren’t unknown in Germany, having spread through most of northern Europe, though that was the only time he’d ever seen them in person before.

More impressively, he also recognized their name. Not all creatures covered in this class were called the same thing in Germany as they were here in America, but this seemed to be one of the times that both languages agreed on a designation. The pronunciation wasn’t perfectly aligned, but the spelling was, so that was close enough for him. The rest was just accent, he supposed.

He did not volunteer to answer any questions. Not because he didn’t know the answers, or even because he couldn’t express those ideas in English (though the fact that he couldn’t do so in clean grammatically correct English certainly played a part), but rather because he was disinclined to draw attention to himself in Professor Tarnasay’s class. The man was Scottish and, like Professor Hawthorne, might have heard the news over the summer that the German assassins who also happened to be Heinrich’s parents and therefore shared a surname with him were convicted of their crimes.

So he kept his hands down and contented himself with frowning at the first year who used unnecessarily difficult English words in her answer.

He collected two earthworms from the supply, figuring he could be polite and offer one to his partner, whoever that turned out to be, but when he found a viable candidate, he interrupted his own offer to to partner them when he realized one of the worms wasn’t in his hand anymore.

“Would you like to -“ he started looking around in concern and confusion. “I was with you share worms. I had two. Where is the other one?”

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    • Where is the other one? — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren, Tue Nov 13 16:13
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