Professor Rory Taransay
The Magical, Disappearing Puffskein [Advanced]
Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:46

Each year always seemed to go so quickly, with exams rolling round much faster than expected. That was how it seemed to Rory, anyway, once again faced with upcoming RATS exams for his seventh years. He wasn’t panicked about how prepared his students were – this year group was a pretty good one, and he knew he could trust them to do their homework and revision – but it was sad to think that he didn’t have many more weeks left with the older half of his advanced class.

“Good afternoon everyone,” he greeted his class as they entered. There was always something nice about working with older students, as he was generally able to be more relaxed, allowing things like general discussion instead of hand-raising.

“Today we’re going to be venturing into a different subject area,” he announced. “Could you raise your hand if you’re taking advanced charms, please.” He made a note of who didn’t raise their hands, in case those students needed extra help in the lesson he had planned.

“So, one of the important parts of caring for magical creatures is hiding their existence from muggles, the reasons for which you should remember from other lessons. Having said that, and given my previous question, can anyone guess what we’re going to be studying today?”

Rory always gave his advanced class permission to answer a question directly, rather than waiting to be picked to answer the question. Once he’d been given the correct answer, he moved on.

“Professor Wright assures me that some of you will have already studied the Disillusionment Charm. However, we’re still going to have to spend a lesson on it, as it’s required for your Care of Magical Creatures RATS. If you already know the charm, think of this as an opportunity to perfect it, and to practise on actual creatures.”

Professor Taransay wrote the incantation on the board, and then drew his wand. “The wand movement is simple: all you have to do is tap the target with your wand,” he instructed the class. He followed this up with demonstration, using a block of wood on his desk. As expected, the block of wood seemed to disappear, taking on the appearance of the objects behind it. A quick finite incantatem cancelled the effects of the charm.

“You’ll all find a similar block of wood on your desk. Use this to practise on and, once you’re able to make the entire block disappear with only one use of the charm, you may come up and take a puffskein from the cage at the front, and practise on it.”

He gestured to the cage nearby, in which quite a large selection of puffskeins were gathered. He’d borrowed these to use for a beginners’ lesson and, seeing as puffskeins were quite docile, had decided they’d be good target practice for his advanced class.

“Please be careful when you extract your puffskein; I don’t want to spend the next hour chasing a poffle of puffskeins around the classroom. And, as ever, remember to treat all creatures with respect and kindness. If performed correctly, the Disillusionment Charm should not hurt them. If I see anyone mistreating the puffskeins, it’s back to using blocks of wood.

“One last thing: if you don’t take advanced charms, feel free to work with someone who does. I will of course be wandering around and offering advice, so grab me if you’re struggling.”

With that, he let them begin.

OOC: Usual class rules apply. You’re all welcome to tag Rory, and he would be there if he saw anyone mistreating a puffskein.

Information on the Disillusionment Charm can be found here:

Information on puffskeins can be found here:

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