Evelyn Stones, Pecari
I'm proud of your brain, friend.
Thu Nov 15, 2018 20:24

Evelyn did not know what horklumps were and she did not particularly feel privileged to be finding out. At the same time, Care of Magical Creatures was a favorite class of hers and she was as happy to dig round in the mud as anything else, maybe even a little happier. She would also get to draw, which was a positive.

Hearing Ness answer the professor's question made Evelyn distinctly aware of how lucky she was to be friends with such smart people. And caring people. And nice people. Ness was a good people. Evelyn shook her head, confusing herself for all sorts of reasons, and refocused. Working with the Aladren sounded good today, particularly when it was on something that Evelyn wouldn't be wholly disadvantaged at, so she approached from a healthy distance to provide ample sightline before saying anything. The last thing she wanted to do was be creepy, although greeting Ness with a hug sounded better.

"Hello, Friend," Evelyn said, smiling as she approached. "Good job on those questions. You're so smart!" There was no hint of the usual jealousy in this comment, just admiration. "I think that makes sense. We could . . . well we could kill them first?" She didn't like the idea but understood if Ness wasn't comfortable feeding live creatures to other live creatures. "I don't know. Is there any benefit for the horklump in eating a live creature? Like is the hunt important or just the nutrients? I can put the worms in there and watch for you if you aren't comfortable." The Aladren was sensitive too. How did Evelyn possibly get so lucky with friends like this?

  • An invasive pest. Ness McLeod, Aladren, Mon Nov 12 07:35
    Ness peered at the Horklumps, trying to feel enthusiastic. A combination of growing up in the magical world and being the kind of student who spent a lot of time reading the textbook meant that the... more
    • I'm proud of your brain, friend. — Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Thu Nov 15 20:24
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