Angelique Brockert,Crotalus
Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:04

Angelique was counting down the days until she left Sonora for good. Which was ironic, considering that she'd done the same thing before she'd gone to school for her first year. She'd wanted to be here so badly then and now she wanted to leave even more so.

To say that things had not turned out like the Crotalus had wanted or expected was putting it mildly. She was supposed to come to Sonora, meet a bunch of girls whom were proper young ladies like herself and become wildly popular. Instead, the other girls in her year had been anything but and she'd been ostracized , which as far as she was concerned was a fate worse than death. Angelique didn't have a single friend here at school among the other students that she wasn't related to somehow.

That wasn't supposed to happen to people like her. She wasn't sure whom that was supposed to happen to but not her. Still, Angelique was not supposed to be the one who was different and as it was, she wouldn't mind someone sticking it to the jocks. To people who had everything when she had nothing. It would so serve them right.

It was like she'd been trapped in some bizarre parallel dimension for slightly more than six and a half years. A warped twisted horrible place. Angelique knew that Sonora was a good school, a respectable school, so how had things gone so terribly wrong for her? How had she gotten stuck in such a dreadful year group?

And it wasn't as if she was very interested in the academic parts of school either. The seventh year was often bored in class. The only part she'd ever really cared about there was being reasonably good with a wand and while she was no Kira, she had acheived that. A lot of the time Angelique was stuck listening to boring theory.

Care of Magical Creatures was not too terrible in that respect but it still didn't really hold her attention much. The Crotalus was basically there because she didn't want to take DADA, Potions or Herbology and felt like she had to take at least three classes.

However, she had to admit today's lesson was a good one, if not particularly useful to her as Angelique was never going to live around Muggles and have to hide magical creatures. Still, she generally liked Charms so incorporating it into Care of Magical Creatures.

She got her block of wood and tapped on it. It began to waver a bit. She was just about to give it another go when someone spoke to her and she nearly dropped the wooden block in surprise.

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