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Donald McHugh
Sat Jul 15, 2017 09:07

I'm looking to add a comp. to my pa set up for the purpose of micing my drum kit. I am looking at an presonus ACP88. Can anyone tell me if these are a good unit. I am thinking because it is an 8 channel rig, I an mic a 6 peice kit and only need the one compressor. Checking them out on line they seem to be pretty good. I was thinking you guy's would be the one's to know. If not what would be a good way to go?


    • Never used or owned an ACP-88Tony Wright, Sun Jul 16 18:03
      While I have never owned or used a Presonus ACP-88, I did read the reviews. Apparently these are high end compressors and work quite well...especially for live sound according to a couple of... more
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