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Mike M
Gig review...not complicated after all
Mon Aug 7, 2017 08:08

Up for a challenge I took the gig (that I mentioned in an earlier post).
RI Warrier Foundation Music Festival.

The stage was supposed to be 24x24 and ended up being 24x16. The stage was in the center of an 80x40 tent. Power supplied by a Predator 6500 generator. (I have run my analog rig on Predators in the past thus I wnt analog for this one.)

The show starts at 3:00. I arrive at 11:30am. There is an army of volunteers to help me load-in (a bunch are from a local fitness gym; big guys (and gals)...most importantly, there are three volunteers that play in local bands - they knew what to do; run wires, set up monitors - excellent.

System is set up in no time. Once you get a drum kit up on a 24x16 stage, the rest of the stage gets small in a hurry.

Mic the kit: kick plus one near the hat, and one OH. That's all that was needed.

Three monitor mixes, two out front and a drum wedge. (For a drum wedge I used one of my QSC K8's (I am getting in to the powered monitor scene.) The K8 does not have a "wedge cut" so I went to my local hardware store and got a couple of 5mm x 3" bolts which screwed into the side of the wedge and made for a perfect angle.

Bands start playing at 3:00.

My rig: one Yorkville TX4 over one TX9S per side was more than enough rig for the gig. It actually sounded nice and fat pushed a little more than 1/2 way. More than enough to get vocals above the guitar amps, etc.

The last band a rider from hell) ended up being really easy to work with! The drummer's rider asked for 10 mics. When they were setting up (20 minute set up time BTW) I told the drummer that I can do it but they'd start late...he said: "hey man, do what you've been doing all afternoon, they kits sound good".
Problem solved.

The fest ran from 3:00pm-9:00pm. I had an army of help to load out (those three muso's wrapped my cables "properly"...excellent). I was loaded in 30 minutes!!

The crowd in attendance was a bit sparse (it rained for part of the day) and the organizer told me that the foundation is about $4,000.00 in the red for the show...I charged $650.00 for the production and donated $150.00 back to the my net was $500.00.

During the speech/award portion of the event the organizer and his committee said that this was the first of an annual event.

The organizer told me that I will tech next year's event and not to discount my services. "You saved our ass this year".
It seems that he and his committee contacted a "big gun" sound production companies (ATR Treehouse in Providence and got a quote of $2500.00. (He will start earlier in the year on getting corporate sponsorships.)

I feel good: rig sounded great, no casualties (broken/lost gear), made a couple of $ while supporting a worthy cause.

Mike M

    • I love stories with happy endings.Tony Wright, Tue Aug 8 01:16
      I am glad you had a good experience. When things go well, it makes everyone glad they were involved. Obviously the last drummer knew a good thing when he heard it. It is nice that he recognized the... more
      • a perk....Mike M, Tue Aug 8 07:07
        A perk from the gig: the gal running the entertainment (Jenn, an aerobic instructor from the gym)came up to me at the end of the night and thanked me for a job well done. She asked me if all I do is... more
        • Fortuitous happenstanceTony Wright, Wed Aug 9 07:36
          Good things happen....just because. It is always "a good thing" when all the stars and moon align and serendipitous results that were unintended. So...maybe your "wedding" season merges into the... more
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