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Mike M
Active DI????
Tue Aug 8, 2017 17:54

During Saturday's sound gig a band requested an active DI for a guitar.
I brought my Baggs active DI.
(This was the first time I have ever used an active DI on a sound gig...I have had people ask for one at past gigs but I always had time to try a passive one first - more than enough gain.) No extra time at this gig.

The signal was so hot that I had to pad the channel on my Mixwiz just to get some control of the volume. The gain on the active DI was at 50%.

conclusion: The active DI was not needed.

Maybe the preamps on my Mixwiz are THAT good???

Have you ever experienced that?

Mike M

    • I know a couple of guys that use active DI almost exclusively. The only active DI that I have used in the past 10-12 years is my Sans Amp Bass Driver DI. And I only use it occasionally. Typically at... more
      • Baggs??Mike M, Wed Aug 9 21:31
        The active DI that I have is an L R Baggs Para Acoustic DI. I think that I posted a question on this site several(?) years ago as to which active DI to purchase....and YOU recommended it :) I... more
        • Sorry...Tony Wright, Wed Aug 9 23:13
          I like the sound that I hear from the guitarists that use the Baggs Para Accoustic DI. Most of them are experienced with their own Baggs which is why I stopped and took a second look at the market... more
          • BaggsMike M, Thu Aug 10 04:53
            Thanks for the offer to purchase my Baggs but I plan on keeping it.... My experience with active DI's is limited what I have read and last Saturday.. Looking back at when I purchased my Baggs I... more
            • Perhaps not a bad idea...Tony Wright, Thu Aug 10 07:24
              We often have groups or ensembles with multiple musician's playing acoustic-electric instruments. Having a pair of Baggs Para would be nice in my neck of the woods...but as I mentioned, the majority... more
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