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Carvin Audio Closing
Thu Oct 12, 2017 07:37

I followed a thread from the Fender Discussion Page (FDP) forum and found this Guitar Player dot com online article:

I have been wanting a small bass amp (I am partial to 10s) and read a thread on the FDP several weeks (months?) ago where a friend in Wichita purchased a Carvin MB10 and loves it. I believe he runs thru a stage amp and the PA on larger gigs...if I recall correctly. But at rehearsals and smaller gigs his new Carvin MB10 is all he uses.

If anyone has a better suggestion for backyard house parties for a semi acoustic group (1 or 2 acoustic electric guitars, electric bass and a Cajon hand percussionist) let me know.

Up to now, I have just been running my bass thru the PA, two Yamaha DBR10 powered cabinets. Financially, I am thinking it makes as much sense to simply buy another DBR10 for a "dedicated when needed" bass rig and simply use my Sans Amp Bass Driver DI as my preamp/tone control.

Emotionally, I would not mind having a small bass amp for living room jams or small venue support.

If it gives you any reference...I have been considering:

Ampeg PF350 class D amp with a Carvin 115MBE sealed single 15 weighing around 30lbs.

Carvin MB10 combo class D rated at 200 Watts at 8 Ohms with single 10, 26 pounds.

THE PROBLEM IS Carvin shows both "sold out" and gives a number to call....

So, now I am considering making my own...

Same Ampeg PF350 with an Eden EX10 speaker cabinet, 250 Watts into an Eden single 10 cabinet, entire package weighing 33 pounds. The Eden EX10 is available either 4 or 8 Ohms with a rating of 300 Watts. The PF350 is rated 250 @ 8 and 350 @ 4 Ohms.

Another option would probably be the GK MB12 except I don't normally like bass guitar thru 12s. I have tried several and never felt the tone was what I liked.

Any advice for a small, lightweight bass rig?

This is a terrible time for me to be buying anything...

I need to pay down Musicians Friend and start buying Christmas gifts.

    • I made a decisionTony Wright, Fri Oct 13 17:57
      After trying to speak to a human at Carvin 3 times and getting the referral to the website...which shows the item not currently available, if you have questions call... I gave up. I called Guitar... more
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