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I made a decision
Fri Oct 13, 2017 17:57

After trying to speak to a human at Carvin 3 times and getting the referral to the website...which shows the item not currently available, if you have questions call...
I gave up.

I called Guitar Center El Paso and bought a used Eden EX110-4 Ohm single 10 speaker cabinet. It will support my Ampeg PF350 bass amp head. With a 2 year full repair or replacement warranty...I am satisfied I will have a decent, small, lightweight (33 pounds, amp and cabinet).

Considering we are doing small house parties and the occasional club venue...IF I ever decided to go independent from the PA, that would be plenty for my needs. Right now, I need something lightweight and small enough to drop in other band mate's home for rehearsals.

Since we are primarily an acoustic-electric group, some of the recent rehearsals have been done with natural voice and unamplified guitar. Thus my search for something small and light for my electric Fender P-Bass.

  • Carvin Audio ClosingTony Wright, Thu Oct 12 07:37
    I followed a thread from the Fender Discussion Page (FDP) forum and found this Guitar Player dot com online article:... more
    • I made a decision — Tony Wright, Fri Oct 13 17:57
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