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Mike M
LED's testing the water...
Tue Nov 14, 2017 07:37

As someone that resists change, I am "testing the waters" with digital LED's.
I just ordered these:

My first thought is to mount 4 LED's to a home-made floor-mount bar (two bars in total) to put around a drum kit to accentuate the drummer...

The above would be used in conjunction with my "steller" 16 can par 38 lighting rig... All would be sync'd using my DMX board...

My goal is to eventually go all LED as I would like to be able to run a TX4 rig (one TX4 over 9S per side) plus some lighting on my Honda eu3000is generator....

Yes, I know: "chinese fixtures are a crap-shoot..." but for the price, I'll give'em a shot.

    • Re: LED's testing the water...MusicManD, Thu Nov 16 00:11
      One advantage of mounting them is quick setup for the DMX and power cables. I run 7 LED fixtures, 2 scanners, and one dimmer pack with 6 PAR 38s. I hate how long it takes to completely set up the DMX ... more
      • Ahhh...Transport and set up, of course...Tony Wright, Thu Nov 16 07:04
        It does seem that the transportation of any lighting and necessary stands and the dreaded DMX quickly an old man forgets these things. (That is "me" I am referring to.) I got smart... more
        • Re: Ahhh...Transport and set up, of course...MusicManD, Thu Nov 16 11:50
          It's funny. The first time we used the light system, we hadn't procured a band trailer yet, so all of the lighting gear went in my van along with merch and my guitar rig (this was also before I... more
        • light set upMike M, Thu Nov 16 08:26
          I have two bars (top of the T I guess) with 4 par 38 cans each. I had my mother-in-law sew two (heavy water-proof black material) zippered bags with handles for me to transport them in. At the end of ... more
          • One advantage to MOST (but not all) LED fixturesTony Wright, Fri Nov 17 00:22
            The big advantage to most LED Par style fixtures is they have their own DMX "dimmer box" built into each fixture. Additionally, they have a "set it and forget it" which I find very handy for my... more
            • ...and did I mentionTony Wright, Sat Nov 18 18:09
              The other advantage to LEDs is the low current demand. My digital bass amp, powered mixer, 212 Fender tube amp and LEDs along with two wireless mics ALL on one single 20A 120vAC Edison outlet. (I... more
              • Re: ...and did I mentionMusicManD, Sun Nov 19 15:36
                I'm seeing more and more movers and scanners popping up on Craigslist and Facebook, but it's almost always traditional lamps. I play a lot in churches - trying to find a church that can handle... more
      • Par 38 cansMike M, Thu Nov 16 06:38
        In my par 38 cans I use 90 watt halogen bulbs. I have thought about switching the halogens over to LED's but the cost is a bit high. What Walmart dimmable LED's did you use??? Your view on set up... more
    • Cornfused?Boomer, Tue Nov 14 09:58
      The only reason I see to bar mount those lights is to lift them up on stands. They have the double U framework to set them on the floor. Not mounting them to a bar means easier packing and more... more
      • I tend to agree with BoomerTony Wright, Wed Nov 15 07:32
        I am at a point where simple is better. If my goal is to "light the drummer and back of stage" then I would floor mount them on the internal brackets. I think they would be simpler for placement and... more
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