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Mike M
Band show - hall rental
Fri Dec 1, 2017 05:51

I ran a hs/college band show last Saturday. By "ran" I mean: booked the hall, printed tix, posters, booked the bands, hired a hs girl to collect tickets at the door, hired a college kid to help set up / break down.

The crowd wasn't huge but throughout the event 152 people paid admission. Couple that with 26 band member (7 bands altogether) in a hall with a capacity of 181 it was good day.
A note: the people that came for the 3:00pm band did not stay for the 8:00pm band, and such. It was kind of a "rolling audience with people coming and going".

I run two shows per year at this hall and this one was #9 for me at this particular venue. All profits over my expenses goes to a local charitable music foundation. I have never had a problem.

I had seven bands and the show went from 3-10pm.

One of the new bands I got this time around had a following that was quite energetic to say the least. A bunch of their friends got up while they were performing and started dancing / jumping around...and (I guess) at one point they were all jumping together at the same time...

Nothing crazy like slam dancing but rather vigorous...
One of the guys from the bar downstairs (who identified himself as a "board member of the club") came up and spoke to me about the jumping as it was disturbing the bar patrons downstairs.
While the band was playing I went over to the kids and asked them to chill...

The show ended at 9:45 and all was well.

Last Night I received a call from the club/hall president who was attending club/hall's monthly board meeting.

He told me that the board has decided to return the fee I paid for the club rental and that moving forward I get the club/hall rental for free!
(I told him to give that money to the charitable music foundation instead of returning it to me.)

The club president went on to tell me that the board really likes the fact that I run events (band shows) that are geared toward young people. "Those kids could be out drinking or doing drugs but instead they are making music in our's what we're all about...".

My guess is that board views the people's complaining that night, would prompt me to look for another venue to stage shows.
That thought did cross my mind.......

Moving forward I think that I will stick with this hall. They really mean well.

Mike M

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      • Yes, gigging with a rotator cuff issueMike M, Sat Dec 2 12:13
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