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Dbx Go Racks are GONE
Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:41

I picked one of these digital mini mixers up a while back and it came in handy. I think I paid just $30-35 for it. At the same time, Sweetwater had them for $50. Then I saw them going for $25, incredible. Now people are trying to sell them on eBay for $200!
Apparently, dbx just made and sold these for less than a year, then blew them out. They are fantastic for what they can do.
I was looking to pick up one for the $25 or so and gift it to my SoundCo buddy. He really liked using it for certain setups.
I should have bought a second one back then ;(
I sold off my other small mixers but this one is a long term keeper.

    • GoRackTony Wright, Wed Jan 10 21:51 eBay $116 plus $7.50 "Buy It Now" new. Best price I have... more
      • $55.54 USD shipping from Paris to US.
        • One moreTony Wright, Wed Jan 10 22:01
          I checked Guitar Center dot com/usedgear...NO dbx GoRack. On a whim, I checked every Craigslist from KCMO to Little Rock to DFW to Amarillo, including the entire states of Kansas and Arkansas and... more
          • GoRacksMike M, Thu Jan 11 17:30
            I actually have 4 (four) GoRacks. I bought them last year in March/April to use in my sound-system-for-rent rigs. They were almost giving them away for a while. They were $25.00 per unit with free... more
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