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Mike M
It's been quiet so I'll toss a post
Sun Feb 11, 2018 22:14

Tech'ing a local show (musical) at an area prep school this week.
I am hired specifically to mic/mix/balance the band (located in the pit under the stage) to the singers onstage and also balance the production to the house.

There is another tech that handles the body mics...(a non musician)

I sit at FOH (and also roam with my iPad mixing remotely) reading the "conductor's score" (to punch cues for oboe/vocal duets, etc.) and give advise to the lav guy as far as choral/balance cues.

I've been doing this annual gig for the past 10 (+) years...'pays great..but b-o-r-i-n-g.

The producer likes what I do. The muso's in the pit respect my judgement (I played "in the pit" on this gig for many years prior to the conductor asking me to go out front and mix/balance). I gig with these guys...good musicians...and we play together often...

Ok...mid winter in New England....recovering from shoulder surgery on 12/5...(recovery sucks BTW) Trying to get back into playing my instruments....won't be "pain free" for some time....chops/comfort are coming back, slowly.

I've got a three hour classical gig at an Art Museum on 3/3 with my ensemble.....I'm gonna play....

I can play my flute for about 15 minutes until the pain/stiffness starts. I wait an hour and do it again...

I'm trying to build resistance so that I can play the gig ( three 45 minutes sets...with 15 min breaks between) in relative comfort.

A "winter project" I guess......

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