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Mike M
March happenings...
Tue Mar 13, 2018 04:40

Hello All:
As I sit here amid the 3rd "Nor'easter" winter storm in the past 10 days I thought that I would share my "goings on".

- recovering from December's shoulder surgery: recently started sleeping through the night, started lifting some light weights with some discomfort but working through it, still going to PT

- played in the pit for a local musical last week, chops starting to get back to normal..

I've got my March band show coming up on 3/17 "Shamrock Showdown V". Six hs/college aged bands. The show I produced in November had 7 bands and I ended up with a headache by the end of the night..due to the "assault of sound" lol. I decided to shorten this time around.
BTW: I have a college kid to help me schlepp gear for the above...

Performing with a symphonic band on Sunday, 3/18

I purchased a Senn e904 mic for snare drum use ($99.00) last week.. First gear purchase of my GAS is sort-of in check....

My snow thrower is gas'd up and ready to go...genny is also set...latest forecast 12-18" of snow today...

Yee Haa!!

Mike M

    • Glad you are on the mend.Tony Wright, Tue Mar 13 07:03
      The subject line says it all...glad you are healing and nearly back to normal. My friend who had his right shoulder replaced and I ran into each other this past week end. He told me that he finally... more
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