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Wed Mar 14, 2018 17:45

Go to this page and play the video advert for the Fishman SA330X PA system. I believe it was filmed/recorded just across the bay from your stopping grounds....???

    • Corrected linkTony Wright, Wed Mar 14 17:50
      I got the same video but this is the system they were showcasing not the smaller version: Fishman SA330X Combo+ with subwoofer and error.... more
      • Barrington, RIMike M, Thu Mar 15 08:33
        Thanks for the link, Tony. I watched the video and as the video progressed I was trying to guess as to its location. As the vid panned to the chef's cooking area, I noticed one chef wearing a Yankee... more
        • Glad to shareTony Wright, Thu Mar 15 23:51
          I just want to remind you that if it walks on 4 legs and goes Mooo, it is food. If you had waded thru what I did to feed the cows and calves in the winter, you would think twice about "medium rare".... more
          • no seafood ehhh.....Mike M, Tue Mar 20 22:39
            As a New Englander seafood is just part of being a NE'der. I am a carnivore so I love a good (or great) steak.... So you've never had a can of tuna taste as good as steak.... 10 years ago I started... more
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