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Mike M
Barrington, RI
Thu Mar 15, 2018 08:33

Thanks for the link, Tony.

I watched the video and as the video progressed I was trying to guess as to its location. As the vid panned to the chef's cooking area, I noticed one chef wearing a Yankee hat, a sure sign of a Rhode Islander...

Barrington is 15 minute drive from my house. The scene is typical of this area in the summer..a local seafood hang with live semi-acoustic music.

There is another place on the Warren River...(5 mins away from the Barrington River) called Blount Clam Shack that has outdoor music.
When we take people for boat rides we usually stop at one of the many places with live music.

I will definitely add the video's location to our "dinner hit list" in the upcoming months.

I will be sure to tell them that the live music video made us aware of their location (gotta promote live music!).

Thanks again, Tony

  • Corrected linkTony Wright, Wed Mar 14 17:50
    I got the same video but this is the system they were showcasing not the smaller version: Fishman SA330X Combo+ with subwoofer and error.... more
    • Barrington, RI — Mike M, Thu Mar 15 08:33
      • Glad to shareTony Wright, Thu Mar 15 23:51
        I just want to remind you that if it walks on 4 legs and goes Mooo, it is food. If you had waded thru what I did to feed the cows and calves in the winter, you would think twice about "medium rare".... more
        • no seafood ehhh.....Mike M, Tue Mar 20 22:39
          As a New Englander seafood is just part of being a NE'der. I am a carnivore so I love a good (or great) steak.... So you've never had a can of tuna taste as good as steak.... 10 years ago I started... more
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