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Mike M
GoRack - Boomer
Thu Mar 15, 2018 09:06

Hello again:
I could put the unit on Ebay but would rather get it to someone local (internet wise, that is -lol)
I found my original post on this site:
I got free s/h..(sorry for the misquote)

I paid $25.00 total for the unit

I think that Boomer was looking for one...


  • GoRackMike M, Thu Mar 15 08:49
    Hello All: Going through my storage unit as I set up a rig for Saturday's show, I came upon a box of GoRacks... It seems that I ordered one GoRack (when they were blowing them out) and after using... more
    • Go rack Curtis Meadows, Fri Mar 16 06:28
      I would gladly commit to it.
    • GoRack - Boomer — Mike M, Thu Mar 15 09:06
      • Yup, that was me.Boomer, Fri Mar 16 10:40
        I'll take it. Do you do PayPal? Or I could snail mail you a money order. Boomer
        • GoRackMike M, Sat Mar 17 06:16
          Boomer: Snail-mail would be best as I would rather not stuff my paypal account. Send your zip to my email address and I will go to the post office and let you know what the actual shipping will cost... more
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