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Glad to share
Thu Mar 15, 2018 23:51

I just want to remind you that if it walks on 4 legs and goes Mooo, it is food.

If you had waded thru what I did to feed the cows and calves in the winter, you would think twice about "medium rare". If you "harvested" as many "calf fries" as I have, you would not eat has nothing to do with squeamish about what a calf fry is and what part of the anatomy it came from. We raised cattle. Mom and Dad had a rule that we would NOT use the local sale barns, but instead we would take our calves to market an hour drive away...(that would be halfway across the next county). That way, we would not find out that we were eating one of our own calves...theoretically.

I have never had a can of tuna taste nearly as good as a hamburger or a chicken fried steak (the official steak of Texas, right?).

Seafood...I need to go find a nice hamburger to get that taste off my tongue....

  • Barrington, RIMike M, Thu Mar 15 08:33
    Thanks for the link, Tony. I watched the video and as the video progressed I was trying to guess as to its location. As the vid panned to the chef's cooking area, I noticed one chef wearing a Yankee... more
    • Glad to share — Tony Wright, Thu Mar 15 23:51
      • no seafood ehhh.....Mike M, Tue Mar 20 22:39
        As a New Englander seafood is just part of being a NE'der. I am a carnivore so I love a good (or great) steak.... So you've never had a can of tuna taste as good as steak.... 10 years ago I started... more
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