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Mike M
Gig report
Mon Mar 19, 2018 09:08

As some of you may know I put on (produce?) two local band shows annually, one in November (Black Friday Band Bash) and one in March (Shamrock Showdown).

This past Saturday it was Shamrock Showdown V: six bands; four from local music stores and two from the area.
I rent the hall, print tickets, hire a gal to work the door, bring the rig, etc.

The show ran from 4-10pm. My son came down from college to help me load out and we were loaded out by 10:45...

The after expense proceeds go to a local music foundation.

I was going to bring my (TX3)12/2's over subs rig but decided to bring my (TX4)15/2's instead of the 12/2's. I am kind of glad that I did as the last two bands were incredibly!
The 12/2's would have been pushed really hard but the 15's just cruised along.

The bands sell tickets and keep $4 for every ticket that they sell. Four bands sold all of their 25 tickets while two bands only sold a few. (I will invite the four bands that sold all of their tickets to my November show.)

The Director of recreation from a city in RI (plus his assistant) had heard of my "through the vine" and came by to see how I run things...they stayed for over two hours.

They asked me to tech a similar show that they are planning in May, so it looks like I cop'd a new gig:)

I am recently retired from my day-gig so I need things to keep myself occupied...

Mike M

    • A familiar taleTony Wright, Wed Mar 21 07:14
      Mike M said: "I am recently retired from my day-gig so I need things to keep myself occupied..." Sounds very familiar...I picked up my first PA back when my then 18 and 14 year old sons decided to... more
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