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Another gig report
Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:20

Teched a bluegrass festival Friday & Saturday, new festival and venue for us in a different hotel large conference room. It was their 9th. The co-ordinator on Friday and starting Saturday kept the schedule pretty well. Saturday afternoon another person took on that duty and we finished 40 minutes late to start teardown ;) The worst of the bands were still pretty good.
We ended up not using the larger 3 ways and just used four of our 12" 2 ways for FOH with the outer two used as sidefills.
One odd thing (to me) was that for about half of the bands with upright bass, the bassist were female.
The bands perform for free or are sponsored by someone or a business.
My primary duty during the performances was recording them direct to CD to give to the band. I really want to get a small thumb drive recorder for these events to have my own copy.
Sunday my wife & I and 2 grandkids went to see Jo Dee Messina at a local college. Forgot our earplugs. The opening band was at arena rock db levels in a small venue. With my crappy little db meter app on my phone, they were routinely hitting 105db. In contrast, Jo Dee's band averaged 92db. We left halfway through Jo Dee due to my wife's back and granddaughter's whining, it was too loud and she was bored. Jo Dee talked a LOT and could have performed 3-4 more songs in the time we were there.

    • Bluegrass...Tony Wright, Wed Mar 21 07:29
      I did several bluegrass events several years ago. Keeping in mind that the majority of the musicians were true amateur and had never performed miced up or play of pay...quite a wide varied response... more
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