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Mike M
no seafood ehhh.....
Tue Mar 20, 2018 22:39

As a New Englander seafood is just part of being a NE'der. I am a carnivore so I love a good (or great) steak....

So you've never had a can of tuna taste as good as steak....

10 years ago I started fishing for Bluefin tuna. I usually catch 1-3 tuna a season.

The ocean conditions have to be right..68-70 degree water temp at the 30 fathom line, and not too windy...which happens about one..maybe two days a week during the summer months.

Fresh tuna steaks taste ok to me but some people go nuts over the's $15-$20 per pound to purchase it locally.

The average tuna that I catch is about 60lbs. give or take.

On my way back in after fishing (a 2.5 hour boat ride) I call my wife (as I pass Block Island..which has cell service) and she invites the neighborhood over for a fish-bake.
We grill fresh tuna steaks for all....It's about as fresh as it can be....

Will I turn my nose up at a ribeye - never....luv'em.

I also catch squid locally....fresh calamarie...mmmm...probably too much for a "land-lubber"...(an old whaling term).

Mike M

  • Glad to shareTony Wright, Thu Mar 15 23:51
    I just want to remind you that if it walks on 4 legs and goes Mooo, it is food. If you had waded thru what I did to feed the cows and calves in the winter, you would think twice about "medium rare".... more
    • no seafood ehhh..... — Mike M, Tue Mar 20 22:39
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