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Dinner Gig done
Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:40

Ran a simplified speaking/background music system last night. Portable CD player and Nady Duo wireless mics into the the dbx GoRack then straight to the B1200D powered subs crossing to the B110D powered tops. Worked great and everything including a cable box, speaker poles, CD case and mic bag all fit on my RockNRoller R6 cart. Had take the stuff off the top but I used my folding 6' ramp to wheel it off the porch and then up into my Ford Transit Connect.
Lessons learned:
Next time I will not bother with the subs and just use my B112D powered tops.
I was seated near the front and the guy beside me couldn't quite hear the music clearly. I told him about the volume complaints I always get. 5 minutes later, I got asked to turn it down (& it was at very low, barely heard background levels to start with!).
I only played 2 full variety CDs, so next time I'll bring 3 or 4 of those, no CD case.
With those changes, while I'll bring a RockNRoller cart, I won't bother with the ramp. And the cable box will be lighter.
When my wife saw the loaded cart, she asked, "Do you have to bring all this stuff?" Well, YEAH!
One cool packing item was I was able to carry the Nady wireless mic system, dbx GORack, and portable CD player in the padded 6 mic.bag/case. I'll throw the 4 CDs in there next time.

I am tempted to just take the Nady wireless mic and just one powered speaker. Actually, Behringer has a wireless mic with a dongle that plugs into the powered speaker to simplify things even more for just speaking.

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