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Most recent gig and other work stuff
Tue Apr 17, 2018 00:41

Sunday afternoon, we hosted the 2018-19 Miss American Indian Okla State University Scholarship Pageant. (actual name of the pageant) The Rehearsal was Friday evening and the event was on Sunday afternoon.

Between, on Saturday late afternoon, I got a phone call at home telling me that the "set it and forget it" sound system was not working for a Multi Cultural event in our multipurpose room. When I got there, the on duty facility representative was in a panic...I tried about 3 or 4 quick fixes and decided not to mess with it. I went to the storage locker and grabbed two JBL PRX712 and set them on the front of the stage for an announcement PA, pulled the feeders on the "set and forget" mixer and put those into the two JBL cabinets and got the handheld wireless up...from call to work to sound was up and running was under 30 minutes. I didn't even take time to clock in or out.

Back to the "Scholarship Pageant" story...

On Sunday, I was kind of the house manager (the old guy) and lighting guy. I had a second tech to run the PowerPoint and PA.

The rehearsal on Friday was pretty rough, for both of us as they did not have the video nor did they have the music for the talent section. So basically we figured out where they were going to stand...and the entire pageant was scripted except for the contestants answers to known questions and extemporaneous questions and their specific talent.

So, basically, I had about four zones to light. Stage Right-Down Stage was the podium. Center Stage-Down Stage was the Introduction mic as well as the talent presentation spot. The "on stage waiting" spot was center stage-mid stage (basically dead center of the stage) and then the Stage Left-Down Stage was where the "Drum" was located. (Native drum with 4 drummers/singers.)

So, I identified my fixtures for those zones and then simply found a generic wash that would give some emotion and color to the entire stage. The organizers asked for "all the blue light you can put on the stage for the award of the crown" so I used a very thin-pale blue wash thru the entire event and then on the announcement, I was moving 5 blue faders to 100%.

Afterwards, I only had to turn off the wireless systems and put them back in the locker (built in, 8 systems, only used two mics, so that was quick) then shut down the 5 power amps and lock the "gear room", turn on the stage work lights, remove the podium to back stage and remove the US Flag to back stage...then I shut down the light control mixer and locked up the sound booth. My partner had already shut down his part of the sound room (mixer and FOH rack all on one master power switch) and the laptop. Shut down the house lights and locked the doors.

Fixed venue events are sometimes so simple it is not worth telling about the job.

We have a 2 day Blues Festival this coming week end.

We also have a movie production crew using part of our facility as their "dining room" for the 3 weeks (more or less) as then film in various locations around town, including a couple of days when the will film in our facility. All I have been told was it is a "faith based Christian movie about Redemption". Not our first time to work with film crews, probably MY last...not sure how many years I got left working here.

This is not what I planned when I started doing sound...I just wanted to learn how to provide for my own band. Now I just wish I had a band that actually stayed kind of busy. (sigh) One day behind my bass is worth more to me than 5 days behind the board. But I at least get paid for being tech crew. Not so much demand for a 68yr old mediocre bass player....

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    • Most recent gig and other work stuff — Tony Wright, Tue Apr 17 00:41
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